Clash Royale: The Road to Legendary Arena

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 15th, 2020
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Clash Royale just kicked off its 11th season and the game is as good as it's ever been. Even for lapsed players, returning to the game is as easy as can be.

If you want to join us in picking the game back up, we've put together this guide series to help guide you through each arena with a top deck recommendation and some tips for how to do it. Check it out all of our recommended decks as we post them below, as well as all of our other Clash Royale guides.

Choose Your Arena:

Arena 1: Goblin Stadium

Arena 2: Bone Pit

Arena 3: Barbarian Bowl

Arena 4: P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse

Arena 5: Spell Valley

Arena 6: Builder's Workshop

Arena 7: Royal Arena

Arena 8: Frozen Peak

Arena 9: Jungle Arena

Arena 10: Hog Mountain

Arena 11: Electro Valley

Arena 12: Spooky Town

Other Guides:

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