How to play for free in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 7th, 2016
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Clash Royalehas a ton of free to play aspects. There's the chest timers, the card and chest stores, two different types of currency, and gems to purchase - all of which can make it pretty hard for the diehard freeloader to figure out how to best spend their free gems.

Not to worry, for148Appsis here to teach you how you can play for free inClash Royale.

Buy 10k gold

Gold feels like the least of your worries when you first start Clash Royale,since you earn quite a bit of it by opening chests.

However, as you unlock more cards it quickly becomes a necessity, so banking up gems to buy 10,000 gold can really help you keep progressing without hitting a wall.

10,000 gold is better than going for 1,000 gold unlocks because it's more cost effective and easier to save up for than the 100,000 gold purchase.

Use gold on the card store

While it might be tempting to buy chests, it's a much safer bet to spend your gold on cards since you'll know exactly what you're getting.

Every time new cards go up on the store, buy a couple rare cards or an epic so you can level the cards you need to stay competitive.

Donate rare cards to your clan

To help stretch your gold as much as possible, donating the rares you purchase in the card store to your clanmates will net you gold and experience as a reward.

Sometimes, you'll even get more gold than it cost to buy the card, so you'll be turning a small profit that you can dump back into getting new cards or leveling existing ones up.

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