The best epic cards in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 18th, 2016
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Clash Royale's epic cards are pretty hard to unlock unless you know what you're doing or are willing to pay. When you unlock them though, they can completely flip the script on your strategies and can leave your opponents spending tons of elixir trying to react. Check out the best epic cards below:


The Prince, like the rare Hog Rider, is a powerful offensive card that is hard to counter effectively. The only truly effective counter to a prince is a Skeleton Army, which not everyone keeps in their deck because of its limited utility.

Left unchecked, the Prince is durable enough to take down a tower completely by himself, making him one of the best epic cards in the game.

Baby Dragon

What makes the Baby Dragon card so good is that it is generally effective against most of its counter cards. Because it's a flying unit, it can only be taken down by ranged units or other air units, most of which are groups of lightly armored enemies.

The good thing about this is that the Baby Dragon does splash damage with its fire breath, so it can take out clusters of ranged enemies pretty easily, which allows it to usually take out some units and tower health before its death.


If you have 5 elixir at the ready and aren't sure what to prepare for, playing a Witch is almost never a bad idea. The Witch produces skeleton units, can target air or ground units, and does splash damage, making it a sort of jack-of-all-trades unit.

It's only real drawback is that it isn't particularly durable, so playing it in tandem with a knight or some other cheap tanky card is probably best.


Speaking of tanks, the Golem is a great epic card because it has so many hit points and can deal a lot of damage, even once he is destroyed.

Although the Golem isn't always the easiest card to play - since it costs 8 elixir - your opponents will likely spend a heck of a lot more elixir trying to counter him or suffer taking some serious damage.

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