How to survive the bone pit in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 16th, 2016
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Unlocking new cards in Clash Royale is relatively unique due to its arena system. To get those new cards though, you've got to be able to maintain a certain trophy count. Here are some tips for anyone that's feeling stagnant around arena 2: The Bone Pit.

Take to the skies

Looking at the cards available to players in The Bone Pit, most of that arena focuses on skeletons, which are typically fragile, but very damaging units. The only non-skeleton unit available for unlock in the arena is only one of a few air-based units: Minions.

With this knowledge in hand, you should feel relatively comfortable playing most flying units, since the ways early players have of dealing with these threats is likely situational and specific. If you got lucky in your training camp or otherwise got your hands on a baby dragon, they'll excell in The Bone Pit.

Use the Valkyrie

Skeletons and Goblins are the foundation for the first two arenas, and both are pretty frail units that have power in numbers. The easiest way to tick down a swarm of goblins or skeletons though is the whirling Valkyrie.

Because she's a pretty durable unit and her swings damage everything surrounding her, the Valkyrie can make short work of most units available in The Bone Pit.

AOE is your friend

If you're thinking that this arena is the best place to try out an all unit deck or something experimental, you'd likely be wrong. The arrow and fireball cards that you get at the beginning of Clash Royale should be your standard reactions to players that stack up hoards of goblins and skeletons.

Like I mentioned in my elixir guide, cards such as arrows can take out lots of enemies for relatively cheap amount of exilir, which can put you at a big advantage moving forward in any given match.

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Have you already ascended to the Barbarian Bowl? Have some more tips? Let us know in the comments!

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