How to stop being a loser at Clash Royale

Posted by Alex Rennie on March 22nd, 2016
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So, I can’t help you with general life tips I’m afraid - you’re on your own there. I can stop you looking like a total fool though when you’re playing Clash Royale against yet another opponent with random characters as a screenname - but you have to follow this advice very carefully.

Look at the watch, watch it swing, follow the movement, 3, 2, 1... you’re under my spell.

Play frequently but for short periods

While this is entirely unproven as a game mechanic, I get the feeling that if I play more than five to six games in a row, I start to lose more than I win. While I know that this is ridiculous as you’re just playing different human players, it’s the case for me. I put this down to one of two theories:

Theory one - Supercell is a big evil organization - think of a room full of Ramsay Boltons, plotting your downfall (GoT reference for the fans right there!) and they purposely want you to lose once you’re hooked. This means that you get frustrated and spend money on gems to get better cards. I suppose this might be possible through the matching system because they put you against decks that counter yours perfectly, but the reality is that it probably doesn’t happen.

Theory two - You start to lose concentration and mistakes creep into your gameplay, meaning your optimum strategy in game one is no longer optimal in game 51. Put the device down and take a break.

I think probably theory two makes the most sense, but I’d love to discover that theory one is correct because obviously I never lose concentration or do anything wrong.

If you’re losing, put it down

This may be the hardest one to do, but time has taught me it’s important to step away when you’re not playing well.It’s hard to look at your trophy count after 15 straight defeats, but it’s happened to me and it’s not good.

Wait until you’re in a better frame of mind and pick it up again - you’ll soon win those trophies back. Maybe.

Rewatch battles that you lost

It’s painful, seeing what a fool you were. Why oh why did you think sending over that goblin barrel was a good idea when the giant was bearing down on your last tower?

It wasn’t, but the only way you’ll learn this is by watching where you made the mistakes in your battle. Pick out the moments where you panicked and threw out the wrong unit and resolve to be better next time. There’s always a next time.

In case you’re wondering how you do this, you’re not alone. It took me ages to realise where I can check this out. On the battle screen, click on the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with writing on (left of the Arena image) and you can see your past results and click on the ‘Watch’ button to view it all again.

Troll your opponent hard

Maybe the most important tip here. If you’re winning or losing, it’s very very important to constantly annoy your opponent while playing. Supercell has taken Nintendo’s approach to inter-player conversation, listing some pre-set comments (and faces) to make either before, during, or straight after a battle has finished.

Generally I stay quiet at the start - some people say ‘Good luck’ but I prefer to let my play on the field show that luck doesn’t exist. Plus, I’m a bitter bitter person. If it looks like I’m losing, I will usually pop out a ‘good game’ or ‘well played’ to take my opponent off guard and hopefully think I’ve given up - right before I launch my final all out attack.

But the best opportunity for trolling is when you’re winning. The joy I get from beating an opponent in the last seconds, when I was way behind, and them putting an angry face up is only bettered by me saying ‘well played’, ‘thanks’, and putting up 5 crying faces in a row before they leave the game. I know how annoying it is, because I get it done to me all the time.

Learn your strategies

In the heat of the moment, everything becomes a blur. There’s two x elixir, units all over the field, and you’ve lost track of what’s going on. It gets so bad that you drop a gang of barbarians on top of a baby dragon. STOP.

You need to make sure you know what to play, and when to play it. The only way to do this reliably is by trial and error - think of how you want to play your cards (such as the tesla/xbow combination that’s so popular at higher levels) and pick your moment to play it.

Use the practice field, play against clan members, and read up on what others are using. Once you’ve played the same deck enough times and you’re happy with it, then you won’t panic mid battle. If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and - which is more - you’ll be a Man, my son (sorry Mr Kipling).

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