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+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on September 17th, 2020
Our rating: starstarhalfstarblankstarblankstar :: SHOOTING BLANKS
There isn’t much substance to match Swordshot’s style, and what is there is fatally flawed.

Deck 'Em! review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on September 4th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: FEATHERWEIGHT
Deck ‘Em!’s business model is the most exciting thing about it.

My Exercise review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on September 3rd, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: WONKY WORKOUT
My Exercise is a surreal but shallow journey through a child’s exercise routine.

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on August 28th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarstarstar :: QUIPPY QUESTING
Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is a well considered and significant evolution of Meteorfall: Journey and then some.

Stilstand review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on August 27th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: MISERY LOVES COMPANY
Stilstand is a piece of interactive fiction that makes wallowing in misery surprisingly entertaining.

Ord. review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on August 24th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: CLEVER. SORTA.
Ord. takes minimalism to the extreme in a way that makes it curious, but also somewhat repetitive.

Shadow of Naught review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on August 19th, 2020
Our rating: starstarhalfstarblankstarblankstar :: LOST IN TRANSLATION
Shadow of Naught tells a dark story that is disappointingly difficult to follow.

Circulous review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Campbell Bird on August 14th, 2020
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SO FAR SO GOOD
Circulous is an episodic narrative puzzle adventure that’s off to a promising start.

PUBG Mobile Lite's latest update sees the return of the popular Survive Till Dawn mode

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 17th, 2020

PUBG Mobile Lite, the streamlined version of the popular battle royale that's designed to work on less powerful devices, sees the return of a popular game variant today, Survive Till Dawn mode. It arrives as part of the 0.19.0 content update.

It arrives just in time for Halloween and will see players fighting off hordes of the undead that spawn when night cycles on Erangel. They'll need to scour the map, as usual, looking loot and gear that will help them survive the night and live longer than their opponents.

Matchy Catch, Jyamma Games’ new hyper-casual puzzler, arrives on iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 17th, 2020

Matchy Catch is a new hyper-casual puzzler from Jyamma Games, the Italian studio behind the Pong-inspired puzzle-adventure Hi-Ball Rush. It’s only the developer’s second game for iOS and Android devices, but it promises to be every bit as fun and addictive as its hit debut release.

Sporting a refreshingly simple interface, Matchy Catch is all about sequence reproduction. Players are presented with a sequence of objects to memorise and attempt to recreate using their touchscreen. This plays out across a series of challenging levels where there are combos to master and bonuses to bag along the way to boost your overall score.

Among Us! Imposter Guide - How to be a sneaky killing machine

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 16th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Among Us! continues to be getting a lot of play in these parts, and since our first guide we've learned a thing or two about the game. This is especially true regarding the imposter role, as its a relatively rare opportunity that we've now put enough time into to understand how to win consistently in this sneaky role.

Check out our top tips below, and see if it helps your own Among Us! game.

Distract Yourself With These Great Mobile Games on Sale Right Now

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 14th, 2020

There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t really feel like trying to write some kind of pithy intro for it. All I’ll say is lots of people have been coming together and helping each other in small ways, and I’m choosing to focus on that as I try to stay safe myself.

One of the ways folks are trying to help are by making their games more affordable, or even free, during this time. Check out my top picks below of some great mobile titles that have gone on sale recently:

Games marked with an asterisk(*) denote that the entire developer/publisher’s catalog is discounted, despite the fact that all of their games may not be listed here.

Paladin's Story is an upcoming fantasy RPG with a light-hearted sense of humour that's heading for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 11th, 2020

Paladin's Story is an upcoming fantasy RPG with an off-kilter sense of humour that's heading for iOS and Android. It will officially launch for both on September 16th though the game is already available on Google Play in Early Access.

The game looks to blend an old school roleplaying experience with a more reflex and timing-based combat system. It also sets out to make light of many of the tropes that the genre has created over the years such as frequently seen character archetypes, commonly found items and of course, the classic plot of the chosen hero saving the world from an unknown threat.

Among Us! Guide - Tips for the uninitiated crew member (or imposter)

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 10th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Among Us! is one of the biggest suprise hits of the year, most notably because it's a two-year old free-to-play game. I get the appeal, though. In following and writing about games through this pandemic, I've noticed a distinct desire for game play to be more social. I even suggested a few games that accomplish this, though I couldn't have predicted the way droves of people have gravitated to Among Us!

For those unfamiliar, Among Us! is a social deduction multiplayer game where up to 10 players take on the role of either a crew member or an imposter. Crew members need to wander the ship and complete tasks to win the game, but imposters try to muck up those plans by sabotaging the ship and killing other crew members. Along the way, there will be times where the crew convenes and votes on who they think is an imposter, and the player with the most votes gets tossed out the air lock. Crew members win if they successfully complete all their tasks or get rid of all the imposters. Imposters win if they kill the entire crew or successfully sabotage the ship.

The gameplay is not too unlike a lot of popular board games like Secret Hitler or Codenames, but in its digital form it can be a bit daunting, particularly if you haven't played a game like it before. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you dive into Among Us! and have fun with it.

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth-platformer available now for Android where you play as a rabbit who likes eating pigs

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 10th, 2020

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth-platformer from two-man team AJ Ordaz and René Rivera. It follows the story of a red-eyed rabbit who is allergic to carrots and instead has a penchant for devouring pigs. It's available now for Android devices.

The game starts with Bunny Town preparing to celebrate the annual Carrot Festival but our protagonist has a mission of their own, finding delicious pigs. The problem is, your fellow rabbits don't want you to eat these pigs, so you'll need to avoid being seen by them.

Apple Arcade: Ranked - Top 25 [Updated 9.15]

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 9th, 2020

In case you missed it, I am on a quest to rank every Apple Arcade game there is.

Patch Notes:

Patch notes have been removed and have been replaced with (NEW) designation for the games most recently added or updated on this list.

UPDATE:As the pace of Apple Arcade has slowed, old games will also be re-evaluated based on reader feedback and content updates. Recently re-evaluated titles will be designated with (UPDATE) next to the title name.

Game ranking updates for 7/28:

Games marked with an asterisk(*) are games that suffer in rank due to technical problems.

All current rankings are listed below. More titles will be added frequently until the list is complete.

The 5 Best Mobile Games Like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 8th, 2020

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 dropped last week, meaning you can get remastered versions of two of the most iconic “sports” games ever made and experience some of the highest watermarks set in games of generations’ past.

There aren’t many new games like the Tony Hawk titles these days, and even attempts to re-capture the magic of earlier games in the series tend to go awry. That said, if you do want somewhat fresh and mobile takes on arcade, trick-based gameplay, here are our top picks.

Bouncing Box is a challenging platformer for Android where the protagonist is, as the name suggests, a box

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 4th, 2020

In platformers, we often spend a large amount of time mindless destroying boxes by jumping onto or into them, whatever makes them splinter apart. Bouncing Box from developer The K Brothers aims to give those poor destructible cubes a chance to be the hero.

The game is available now for Android and will see players taking on the role of a bouncy wooden box as it embarks on a journey to collect all of the gems in the world. It promises to be a hardcore platforming experience that will challenge even veteran fans of the genre.

Five A Side Football 2021 is a streamlined management sim that's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 3rd, 2020

Five A Side Football 2021 is the latest football-focused game to emerge from Swipe Studios, who you may know from their previous games Woofball and Swipe Manager: Soccer. Their newest title is available now for both iOS and Android.

Much like their previous endeavours, Five A Side Football 2021 is intended to be a more fun-focused approach to the sport. In this case, it's a slimline version of a managerial simulator where instead of flipping through pages and pages of stats there's a match budget system instead.

Catalyst Black - Best Build

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 2nd, 2020

Catalyst Black's Secret Service early access period is still going strong, and we're checking back in to give you the ultimate guide from our series so far: The Perfect Build. With this set of gear and abilities, you will be unstoppable against just about anyone you come up against... at least, that's how it's been working for us.

Obviously, Catalyst Black has a sense of balance that I'm sure Super Evil Megacorp is working on, but we've found a certain combination of items that seems to allow us to mow down just about anyone while avoiding death, helping teammates, and completing objectives. Read on below for to learn more about this fantastic build, or check out our other Catalyst Black guides in our guide list.

Marvel Contest of Champions' Rise of X motion comic teases Professor X and Apocalypse

Posted by Cameron Bald on September 1st, 2020

Marvel Contest of Champions has teased the impending arrival of Professor X and Apocalypse via an all-new motion comic by the name of Rise of X. Both characters are currently expected to land this month.

The game's latest update includes a number of balance changes, bug fixes, and more. Full patch notes can be seen right here.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle launches special worldwide campaign based on the Majin Buu saga

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 31st, 2020

Bandai Namco has just launched a special worldwide campaign within its action-puzzler Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. This introduces a new story event inspired by the anime's Majin Buu saga, as well as the chance to summon Goku & Vegeta (Angel) and Majin Buu (Gotenks) for a limited time only.

The campaign will run for five weeks in total, and once every seven days, you'll be able to take part in a special event where you can earn up to 100 dragon stones.

Dear My Cat is an upcoming casual game about observing cats that's designed to help players relax

Posted by Stephen Gregson on August 28th, 2020

Dear My Cat is an upcoming casual simulation game from publisher Flero Games and developer Like It Games. It's heading for both iOS and Android on 29th September with pre-registration open now and will see players following a bunch felines on their journey to Sky Island and witnessing their happy moments.

It's not intended to be an overly difficult game then, instead the focus is on helping players relax as they watch the different cats mill about the screen. Each cat will have its own story to tell and you'll be able to build facilities and landmarks for them. Beyond that, you'll also be able to make accessories and give to the cats as gifts.