How to counter the Giant in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 31st, 2016
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A Giant card in the right hands can really turn the tide of a fight in Clash Royale because of how much damage it can take before going down.

They're not the all-destroying tanks they appear to be though, and we've got a few tips on bringing them down.


Skeleton Army is perfect for bringing down a Giant, as it's incredibly quick to attack, deals a solid amount of damage, and might even slow him down as he tries to get around the units.


The Giant prioritises buildings, so if you don't have Skeleton Army (or a similar unit) or your opponent has AoE'd them to oblivion, you can distract it from reaching your tower by dropping a building from your deck in its path.

Take down its support

Some players use the Giant as a meat shield so that lower health cards that deal big damage can attack your tower unscathed. If that unit is a Dragon or Witch, you might want to deal with them before dropping down Skeleton Army, so either read our guides on how to counter them or use an AoE card to try and take them down at once.

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