I adore game series that have connecting lore and stories, which of course means the Legend of Heroes is very dear to me, Trails lore has been building for two decades. Excitedly, the next stage is upon us as Userjoy has announced the upcoming launch of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Northern War Global Version.

Northern War - as we shall call it - because I can’t spell the noise I made upon hearing this, is scheduled to launch May 29th, and shall follow the tale of Lavian Winslet. She is the granddaughter of some vague Hero and has set off to join the Northern Jaegers mercenary group to project her home but is soon sent on a mission into the heart of the Erebonian Empire.

The game is based on the anime series of the same name, which slots in between Trails of Cold Steel 2 and 3, standing as the series fine anime-adapted title. After launching in Japan last December it made quite the name for itself, and I for one am delighted it is making its journey across the sea so quickly.

I could drool about this game all day, but instead let us get everyone else excited by looking at the pre-registration bonuses. If you sign up on the mobile storefronts you will get a Limited Outfit and Avatar Frame, which is nice, but you’ll also want to hit the official website and stick your name there too, as this nets players the SR Tita character.

For milestone rewards, there are some nice steps, like 200 Septium at 300k, and 10 Gacha Tickets at 800k. The big one comes at one million though, as this will unlock the powerful SSR character Elie MacDowell. Two strong characters and ten pulls sound like quite the way to start your journey.

Pre-register for Northern War now on the App Store, Google Play, and the official website.

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