The Clash Royale March balance update explained

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 23rd, 2016
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Now that Clash Royale has been out for a few weeks, the development team at Supercell has decided to make a few tweaks to help keep things balanced.

Here's a rundown of the most significant changes coming to the game.

X-Bow range decrease

The X-Bow is pretty popular in Clash Royale thus far, primarily because of it's excellent range. In fact, it's greatest asset is its ability to destroy towers from your side of the river.

In this forthcoming change, the X-Bow is getting its range reduced just enough to keep it from being so powerful.

Tesla changes

It should be no surprise that the Tesla is seeing some changes, as it is one of the best common cards in Clash Royale to date.

In this upcoming balance change, the Tesla will not hit quite as fast or last quite as long, making it a little more vulnerable than it has been.

Giants hit harder

Giants are pretty good meat shields as they stand now, but they don't really have a ton of stopping power. This new update changes that.

Giants and Royal Giants in this first balance patch will be getting a 5% and 20% damage increase respectively, making them more viable offensive weapons.

Slower princes

Some of the hardest cards to counter right now in Clash Royale are the Prince and the Dark Prince, partially because of their power, but also because their charging speed makes them hard to react to sometimes.

This will not be the case soon, as both cards are receiving a 13% decrease to their charge speed.

Unit buffs

Among some of the other changes to Clash Royale, a lot of changes were made to cards that currently aren't used very much.

Units like Three Musketeers, Archers, Valkyrie, Balloon, and Witch, are all receiving a little tweaks to make them a little more powerful and useful, which should help people incorporate them into decks.

Princess hates arrows

This new balance change to Clash Royale tweaks the Princess's hitpoints just enough so that she can be taken out by Arrows, resulting in an even Elixir exchange.

Expect to see a lot of people relying less on the Princess after March 23.

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