Clash Royale: The Road to Legendary Arena: Frozen Peak

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 15th, 2020
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Supercell recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and their best title, Clash Royale, is as good as it's ever been. Even for lapsed players, returning to the game is as easy as can be.

If you want to join us in picking the game back up, we've put together this guide series to help guide you through each arena with a top deck recommendation and some tips for how to do it. Check it out below, as well as all of our other Clash Royale guides.

Arena 8: Frozen Peak

Recommended Deck: Barbarian Barrel, Furnace, Guards, Mega Minion, Musketeer, Poison, Royal Hogs, Giant Snowball

In the event that you still aren't having luck with getting any Legendary Cards, here's a Legendary-free deck with a huge amount of flexibility that should be able to get you through Frozen Peak just fine. It also makes good use of one of this arena's new cards available to you: Giant Snowball.


  • This deck depends on Royal Hogs to be your primary damage dealer against towers. Use them carefully as punishment for when your opponent overplays or after you've baited out counter cards like Fireball or Wizard. Hit the enemy tower with a Giant Snowball to give your Royal Hogs more time deal max damage.
  • Play conservatively. This deck has a lot of defense, so it should be easy to buy time and an Elixr advantage. You have great options for stopping air units and options for re-directing offensive units. A good starting tactic is to play and then defend around your Furnace.
  • Giant Snowball doesn't just have to be an offensive tool with Royal Hogs. You can also use it to slow and damage oncoming threats. It's particularly effective in this regard against weak mobs like Bats, Skeletons, and Goblins.

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