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Pokemon Go will celebrate the arrival of Mega Ampharos with a Mareep Incense event

Posted by Stephen Gregson on January 21st, 2021

Niantic has recently announced that Mega Ampharos, the more fabulous looking version of the Light Pokemon, is now available in the game. To commemorate the occasion, an Incense Day event featuring a host of different Electric and Dragon-Type Pokemon will take place on January 24th.

During this time, Incense will attract more Mareep than usual, with a chance of encountering a Shiny version of the Wool Pokemon. Meanwhile, evolving a Flaaffy during the event will result in an Ampharos that knows the formerly Community Day-exclusive move, Dragon Pulse.

Distract Yourself With These Great Mobile Games on Sale Right Now

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 21st, 2021

There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t really feel like trying to write some kind of pithy intro for it. All I’ll say is lots of people have been coming together and helping each other in small ways, and I’m choosing to focus on that as I try to stay safe myself.

One of the ways folks are trying to help are by making their games more affordable, or even free, during this time. Check out my top picks below of some great mobile titles that have gone on sale recently:

Games marked with an asterisk(*) denote that the entire developer/publisher’s catalog is discounted, despite the fact that all of their games may not be listed here.

PictoQuest ($2.99)

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Spitkiss ($0.99)

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Bury me, my Love ($1.99)

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Iris and the Giant ($4.99)

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The Pillars of the Earth Game ($0.99)

Nuts is a squirrel adventure game coming to Apple Arcade on Friday

Posted by Olly Smith on January 19th, 2021

Noodlecake’s Nuts is a lo-fi photography game about surveying and documenting the secret lives of squirrels. It’s coming to Apple Arcade this Friday, 22nd January, with a further release coming later on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In Nuts, you play as a novice field researcher who places cameras to capture footage during the day and watches the footage later at night. You have to place the cameras in suitable locations, searching for a place to give you the best footage, and through trial and error you’ll gradually come to work out how the best way to do this is.

Super JetPak DX’s physical preorders still up for two more weeks

Posted by Olly Smith on January 18th, 2021

The physical cartridge edition of Pocket Pixel Design’s Super JetPak DX is still available to preorder and will be until 31st January, with the game launching later this year on the Nintendo Game Boy.

In Super JetPak DX, you play as a lonely astronaut who is lost on various alien worlds across the galaxy, and must get home by moving around in a jetpack while avoiding being killed by the different hazards each planet holds. You collect different components in your shuttle and use it to fly away to new worlds, hopefully hopping enough times to make it home. You also must contend with hostile aliens and the hazardous environment as well.

Honkai Impact 3rd has revealed more details about its upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration

Posted by Stephen Gregson on January 16th, 2021

Honkai Impact 3rd has now announced more details about its upcoming crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is set to arrive next week on January 22nd and will introduce an exclusive story, battlesuit and weapon to the popular action-RPG.

The main event found in this collaboration will be called New Century and will start with Mei setting foot on Nagaroza. It follows the story of a group of girls battling against an invasion of Angels. Throughout the event, The 4th Angel, 6th Angel, and 8th Angel will appear as enemies along with scenes from Neon Genesis Evangelion that fans will be familiar with.

Space Frog Intern, James Bolton's arcade shooter, is now available for Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on January 15th, 2021

James Bolton's arcade shooter Space Frog Intern is now available for Android devices following its release on iOS last year. It sees players taking control of the titular amphibian and blasting their way through various space beasties.

Our little space frog hero was initially captured by aliens before being put to work clearing the deck from various aliens hoping to cause some destruction. You'll need to shoot them down or stomp on them to deal with the threat before you get killed yourself.

The 5 Best Mobile Ports

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 14th, 2021

Ports or coversions of games from one platform to another can be quite tricky. This is especially true when porting games to phones and tablets, as these titles have to be designed with workable touch controls and account for smaller screen sizes.

It’s rare these days for a console or PC game to grace the App Store in a totally unplayable state, but it can be hard to find games that make their transition to mobile look easy. It’s even rarer when a mobile port comes out and it’s just so dang slick it feels better than it did on its original platform, but these games exist. Here are five of them:

Genshin Impact - Lost Riches Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 13th, 2021

As the Albedo banner and freshness of the new Dragonspine region begin to wane, a new event rears its head in Genshin Impact that promises an extremely rare reward. This event, known as Lost Riches, has you playing treasure hunter, collecting Iron Coins all across Teyvat which you can then exchange in a special shop for Primogems, Mora, and--believe it or not--your own pet Seelie.

Erica, the PS4-exclusive FMV thriller, coming to iOS this week

Posted by Olly Smith on January 12th, 2021

London-based studio Flavourworks is bringing its FMV game Erica to iOS on Friday as a free trial, with a full release presumably following later. This is the second platform the game has launched on after its original release on PlayStation 4 two years ago.

Erica is an interactive fiction FMV thriller where you play as a young woman named Erica, played by Holly Earl, who goes on an expedition to uncover her family’s dark history. As with many games of this genre, you’ll also be making choices at critical parts of the story that branch off, creating different outcomes depending on the decisions you make.

Cute simulation game Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is coming to Android next month

Posted by Olly Smith on January 11th, 2021

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is a cute zoo simulation game from upjers, and it sounds perfect for anyone who’s a dinosaur fan. It’s coming to Android in February, and is available right now for pre-registration.

In Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo you manage, well, a dinosaur zoo. An expedition to the South Pole has resulted in a discovery of ancient dinosaurs that are still alive and preserved beneath the ice, and so you open up a park for visitors to come and see them to help fund your research.

Figment: Journey into the Mind, the surreal action-puzzler, will be heading for Android devices next week

Posted by Stephen Gregson on January 8th, 2021

Following its release on iOS devices last year, Bedtime Digital Games' surreal action-puzzler Figment: Journey into the mind will be heading for Android next Thursday, January 14th. If you're unfamiliar, it follows Dusty and his pal Piper as they adventure through the different parts of the mind.

The reason? The mind that Dusty and Piper reside in has suddenly been hit with nightmarish thoughts that have manifested themselves as monsters. Dusty was the mind's former voice of courage you see, so it'll be up to him to help fight back against these new fears.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes' latest update introduces a new battle mode called Sky Tower

Posted by Stephen Gregson on January 7th, 2021

Following the various game-changing updates made to Skylanders Ring of Heroes last year, the latest update to Activision and Com2uS' team-based RPG has introduced a new battle mode and they will celebrate its arrival with various in-game events.

This new mode is called the Sky Tower and will feature a number of battle scenarios that will see players creating up to three battle decks based on their in-game tier. Players can't use two of the same character on each team, meaning they'll need to make use of more of their existing roster.

Genshin Impact - Combat Tips

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 5th, 2021

Genshin Impact isn't a terribly difficult game, but its enemies get tougher the longer you play it and as your world level increases. This makes sense as a progression system, but it can also create gnarly difficulty spikes that are hard to overcome, particularly if you play the game without spending any money.

The immediate response to heightened challenge should be to grind out whatever you need to increase your fighting strength, whether that be via weapon enhancements, character ascensions, or talent leveling. Sometimes this grind isn't all that rewarding, though, and it might not fully compensate for all the problems you're facing in combat. With that in mind, we're putting together tips and tricks all focused around Genshin Impact's combat, for those situations where grinding is not enough. Read on to sharpen your combat skills.

Teppen gets a new The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni expansion

Posted by Olly Smith on January 5th, 2021

Capcom’s Teppen has had a new expansion called The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni added to the game, introducing Oichi The Demon Queen as well as more cards and abilities for you to choose from.

This new expansion crosses over with Capcom’s Sengoku Basara franchise, and introduces cards for Light Army commander Tokugawa Ieyasu and Dark Army commander Ishida Mitsunari, as well as Oichi, a hero from the series. She’s a widow suppressing her anguish and has eventually found herself in Amatsu no Kuni. She eventually meets a false priestess who uses her influence to turn Oichi into a demon queen by having her surrender to the abyss.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated coming to mobile later this month

Posted by Olly Smith on January 4th, 2021

Publisher HandyGames and developer Purple Lamp Studios is bringing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated to iOS and Android devices on 21st January.

It’s a 3D platformer based on the popular children’s cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as a remake of the original Battle for Bikini Bottom which released on GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 back in 2003. THQ Nordic released this remake last year on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.