How to prepare yourself for victory in Clash Royale

Posted by Alex Rennie on March 22nd, 2016
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Now we’re getting somewhere. Hopefully you’ve read my other guides where I explain how not to be a loser. If you haven’t, then you’re already a loser and you might as well go right to the bottom of this article and click on the links. Like, right now. Otherwise, feel free to read on...

Join a clan

If you have friends, then you’ll be already itching to talk about Clash Royale all day. Go one step further - convince them to download the game and set up your own clan. This allows you to see each other’s progress in trophy count, check out your friend’s deck, and, most importantly, abuse each other in your private clan chatroom.

There are some other positives - you can request cards from your other clan members. If you donate cards, you get gold and level up faster, so being generous isn’t a terrible idea, even if it is helping out your mates (which is never a good thing).

You also get to have friendly battles against each other - you can’t win or lose trophies but you do get to test out strategies without any risk (except for your personal pride).

If you don’t have friends, then that’s great - more time to play Clash without interference. There are plenty of sites out there through which you can join a clan - Google it!

Check the achievements button

A small one, but sometimes missed. You can win achievements for doing different things in the game. Join a clan, that’s an achievement. Watch ClashTV, that’s an achievement. Yes, it’s that easy. But what does it get you? Gold and XP!

Each achievement gives you different amounts of goodies - I can’t remember them all but joining a clan (which literally anyone can do - even if you have no mates you can just install it on 2 devices and have yourself the world’s smallest, saddest clan) and you get 100XP and lots of gold. I think. Get the other achievements and you’ll soon be stuck on level 6, just like everyone else.

Watch ClashTV

ClashTV probably won’t be the next big TV show, but it’s definitely useful to check in every so often and see what the experts are doing.

Supercell choose to show the best players in the world against each other, and you can find them on the bottom right button, which looks like a TV from 1970. These are interesting on two levels: you get to see new cards you won’t be getting for a LONG time (legendary cards, anyone?), and you also get to see how the real professionals play the game.

While we’re never going to get to their level by reading guides on 148Apps (cough!), it genuinely is a good way to get some tips and tricks on how to play certain cards, and the styles that people use against each other.

Sadly, I can’t read Chinese symbols, and most of the top players seem to be from China, so I have no idea how cool (or not) their screen names are.

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