Check out Royal Mumble, a terrible Clash Royale-themed podcast out right now

Posted by Glen Fox on April 5th, 2016
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If you have a passing interest in mobile games, you're likely playing Clash Royale. Like, right now. Gah, you just let that Hog Rider smash your tower because you were too busy reading this! Amateur.

Anyway, why not supplement that insane interest in Clash Royale in a manner that's more palatable while playing. Or, in other words, listen to Royal Mumble, our brand new podcast that's dedicated to your favourite new toilet game instead.

Royal Mumble is brought to you by the most despicable cast of characters Pocket Gamer and 148Apps has to offer. That's Glen Fox, Editor of 148Apps, and Alex Rennie, one of those annoying salesmen who pester you with constant calls and email follow-ups.

He does have an amusing Mancunian accent that's reminiscent of Karl Pilkington though. Worth tuning in for that alone.

So put that phone down for just one second and head on over to our official SoundCloudpage where the first three episodes are available right now for your listening (dis)pleasure.

You can also download each one of them to take on the go with you, if you're feeling really desperate.

It's got features, banter, and laughs galore and we want you - yes you! - to get involved.

That means following us on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud, liking our stuff as it becomes available, and, most importantly, engaging with us. Shout tips or hurl abuse at us - whatever seems most appropriate to you while listening. We'll then read it out on a future podcast if we're organised enough to remember.

That might be asking too much though.

Either way, tune in every single working day to hear us rant and rave about Clash Royale. You won't regret it. Though you probably will.


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