The best 2v2 card combos in Clash Royale - 2020 Edition

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 25th, 2020
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Since the last time we put together our top picks for 2v2 card combos in Clash Royale, the mode wasn't even a permanent fixture to the game. Now that we've eased our way back into the game and found it to be ridiculously easy and fun, we've got this new, updated list of combos that can work super well with a good team mate. See our picks below.

It's hard to think of a better defensive combo than dropping a Prince under the protection of your tower with a Firecracker as backup. It may be expensive, but your partner can pick up the slack, plus your play might be effective enough to do some enemy tower damage after their initial skirmish.

Lightning/Skeleton Army
Lightning is one of the most underutilized cards in 2v2, and I don't understand why. It's great for when players drop too many units close to each other, which is basically what this game mode encourages. Anyway, if you want a Skeleton Army offensive push and you know your opponents' counter will be a unit like a Wizard or Baby Dragon, drop a Lighning on them to destroy them immediately and take the tower. This combo works especially well if you can also play Clone on the Skeletons or back them up with a Witch.

Tombstone/Flying Machine
The humble Tombstone and Flying Machine make a solid defense if you're trying to maintain Elixr advantage. Basically the Tombstone acts as a lure (and likely won't deal much damage to attackers), but with a Flying Machine floating nearby, you suddenly can dish out a whole lot of hurt to pretty much anything marching down your lane.

Using the Miner as a tank for towers is not a new idea, but it's still effective. I most prefer them in combination with Bats because it's cheap, your enemies have to respond to it (or suffer quite a bit of damage), and both units are useful enough to add utility to your deck, even if this combo isn't the win condition you've designed your deck around.

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