The best 2v2 card combos in Clash Royale

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 19th, 2017
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2v2 is making it's grand return to Clash Royale quite soon. 2v2 has quickly become one of the game's most popular gameplay modes, though they still have yet to make it a permanent fixture in the game. 2v2 is exciting and adds some new flavor to Supercell's hit game, but it also requires a new set of strategies if you want to succeed.

Excellent card combos are at the heart of any succesful team. Here are some of the strongest combos for 2v2.

Hog Rider/Miner

One player throws down the Hog Rider card, while the other plays the Miner, creating a strong poison combo. Be prepared to come back with a sturdy defense after this play, though.

LavaLoon/Night Witch

Take your LavaLoon strategy to the next level by adding Night Witch to the mix. This powerful combo is quite popular, and for good reason. Lava Hound is a powerful tank, so play it out in front after your opponent makes their first move.

Back it up with a Balloon or Night Witch. Night Witch is great for sweeping damage and she can take decent damage as well.

Goblin Barrel/Mirror/Clone

Here's a nasty trick to surprise your opponents. Make sure each of you have a Goblin Barrel and the clone spell. When you both have 10 elixir, toss your Goblin Barrels onto the field, followed by the clone spell, and you'll be sitting pretty with four Barrels.

Just know that this is easy to counter, but if you pull it off, you can win the battle in one fell swoop.

Pekka/Mini Dragon or Minion Horde

Pekka is a popular choice in 2v2 because it doles out a lot of damage and is a strong tank to boot. Defend your Pekka with a Mini Dragon or Minion Horde, which will protect it from air attacks.

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Do you have any favorite 2v2 combos? Share them in the comments below!

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