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Overdox is celebrating its second anniversary with events and a new Legendary Equipment awakening system

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 19th, 2021

Haegin's melee-focused battle royale will soon turn two years old, which means a major update and several in-game events are required to celebrate the occasion. In addition to these events, players will also find a new Legendary Equipment Awakening System after downloading the v2.1.0 update.

The events require little effort from players. Between August 20th and 26th, they will receive special rewards at 12:00 pm (UTC+0) each day. Meanwhile, over that weekend - 21st and 22nd – the Gold Bonanza event will get underway, increasing the gold earned and daily gold limit.

Blue Archive, an upcoming anime RPG from Nexon, has received a new teaser trailer and website

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 18th, 2021

Mobile publisher Nexon has recently released a new teaser trailer and website for their upcoming anime RPG. Blue Archive. The game is currently gearing up for a global launch for iOS and Android, though Nexon hasn't announced a release date just yet.

Though published by Nexon, Blue Archive has been developed by NAT GAMES. It sees you playing as a teacher in an academy who teams up with their students to investigate a series of mysteries that have sprung up around town.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is a new game in the popular series that's heading for Apple Arcade

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 17th, 2021

There's big news in the Apple Arcade realm this week. Konami has announced that Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls will soon arrive on the subscription service and promises to deliver the classic 2D action fans of the series would desire.

Players will find themselves battling their way through 60 different stages alongside facing daily and weekly challenges. But they won't be limited to one character through their adventure. In Grimoire of Souls, there are five playable heroes from across the series history, each with their own special abilities. Players can choose between Alucard, Simon Belmont, Maria Renard, Charlotte Aulin and Shanoa.

Tesla Force, a rogue-lite sequel to Tesla vs Lovecraft, is heading for iOS later this week

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 16th, 2021

Finnish developer 10tons has announced that their rogue-lite, Tesla Force, will release for iOS on 19th August as a premium title. You might already be familiar with the game since it previously launched on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

It is an evolution of their previous game, Tesla vs Lovecraft and once again sees players facing off against hordes of cosmic nightmares in a bid to send them back to the abyss. According to the developer, it maintains the core concept of the previous game but introduces new gameplay elements alongside sleeker visuals. You can check out some gameplay in the video below.

8 Ball Pool, Miniclip's ever-popular game, has won a Guinness World Record

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 12th, 2021

Miniclip has announced that their enduringly popular game, 8 Ball Pool, has earned itself a Guinness World Record for the Most Downloaded Mobile Pool Game. It's an incredibly specific award - as they often are - but once you've seen the download numbers, it certainly seems justified.

Since it first launched in 2013, the game has been downloaded a staggering 796,721,888 times. It enjoys 260 million hours of playtime each time, which is apparently the equivalent of potting 4000 balls every second.

Blon is an upcoming pixel art platformer that's heading for iOS and Android in September

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 11th, 2021

Developer Lazy Kiwi and publisher Plug in Digital Games have announced a new platformer that's heading for iOS, Android and PC on September 7th. It's called Blon is available to pre-order now on the aforementioned platforms.

It promises to be a particularly challenging game as you hop through its various stages with the end goal of defeating your mad brother to save the rest of your family. You will play as the titular Blon, a blob who will look to rebuild their family castle, which will help improve their abilities.

Zen Pinball Party is an upcoming Apple Arcade game that will feature DreamWorks and Hasbro branded tables

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 10th, 2021

Zen Pinball Party is an upcoming Apple Arcade game from ZEN Studios that will feature 12 different tables sporting various DreamWorks Animation and Hasbro brands. It promises to deliver the ultimate pinball experiences. The developers haven't announced a release date yet, but we know it's arriving soon.

According to ZEN Studios, it boasts the best physics simulation in digital pinball, something that's obviously important to any pinball game since watching the ball ricochet around the table is a large part of the enjoyment. You can check out some gameplay for Zen Pinball Party in the video below.

Iron Order 1919 is a real-time strategy game set in an alternate WW1 that's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 9th, 2021

Bytro Labs has released a brand new strategy game called Iron Order 1919 for iOS and Android devices. It takes place in an alternate universe where several technological breakthroughs allowed for the creation of Mechs, which promptly replaced regular soldiers on the battlefield thanks to their incredible firepower. Unfortunately, these changes also meant that WW1 didn't end.

It is not just Mechs that this technological leap provided either. Players can also make use of walking airfields and flying fortresses that can deploy artillery. The nations themselves will still draw influence from their real-life counterparts but with notable differences in their ideology and changes in borders.

Garena Free Fire has announced a two-year partnership the Brazilian Football Confederation

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 6th, 2021

Garena Free Fire is well-known for teaming up with a variety of different people and organisations. Whether that's sports stars, musicians or even TV shows, they love doing collaborations. Their latest is with Brazilian Football Confederation, a partnership that will run for two years and includes all Brazilian football teams, including the men's national team.

It's a collaboration that certainly makes sense on paper; both Free Fire and football are incredibly popular in Brazil. The partnership will include Free Fire activations at Brazil football matches and exclusive skins and in-game items that players around the world can get.

Free Fire starts will start its fourth-anniversary celebrations by introducing DJ Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike as playable characters

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 5th, 2021

Garena Free Fire will soon celebrate its fourth anniversary with a series of celebrations, starting with the addition of DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike as playable characters. Meanwhile, Spawn Island will be redecorated to act as a sneak preview for more of the anniversary events.

It's not the first time Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have found themselves involved in Free Fire, either. The duo previously created the theme song for Free Fire's Rampage Campaign but will now join the game's ever-growing character roster. They will become available on 6th August, and you can check them out by logging in.

Puzzle Brawl is a match-3 game for iOS and Android from ex-Riot Games developers

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 4th, 2021

Puzzle Brawl is a match-3 game that's available now for Android and in select regions for iOS. Developer Skyborne Games describes it as a mixture of Clash Royale's metagame, Empires & Puzzles' match-3 combat and League of Legend's game design principles. It certainly sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Before each match, players will select up to five different heroes, which are known as brawlers. They will then battle against another player's defense team by matching coloured tiles. As players continue to battle, they will move through 10 different arenas until they reach the challenger arena.

Smash Legends welcomes new character Wolfgang to the roster

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 3rd, 2021

LINE Games' Smash Legends has received a new update, which means the start of SMASH PASS Season 5: Wolves Streets. Among other things, this sees the addition of the game's 16th legend, Wolfgang.

Wolfgang draws inspiration from the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and is the first assassin character to boast a debuff skill. Players can get this new character by reaching the 15th stage of the SMASH PASS. Of course, other rewards can be earned along the way, including Keys, Boxes and Emojis.

Play Together, Haegin's casual social game, has reached 10 million downloads

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on August 2nd, 2021

Haegin has announced that their casual social title, Play Together, has reached an impressive 10 million downloads. In addition to hitting this milestone, they have also released a new update, introducing a host of new content.

The headline additions in this new update are the Camera and Pet Care features. The Camera will allow players to snap memorable moments and share them with their pals if they'd like. Meanwhile, the Pet Care system - unsurprisingly - allows players to look after their furry friends as well as the pets of their friends, so long as they are in the Pet Fence.

Exos Heroes' latest update introduces the Fatecore Blue Moon of the Tropical Night – Luna

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on July 30th, 2021

LINE Games has announced that several pieces of content in their popular RPG, Exos Heroes, have received changes to celebrate the summer season. There is also a new story event to tackle called Memorial Saga that follows Ramge, the Prince of North von Frosty.

Alongside that, players can face off against a seasonal Quantum Raid, appropriately called Summer Vacation. Successfully beating this Raid will net players numerous in-game items. Players will also earn 1,500 Xes, 5 Ultimate Orbs and 20 Nation Recruit tickets simply for logging into the game until 25th August.

Infinity Island is a cutesy idle game from Luca Redwood that's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson-Wood on July 29th, 2021

Infinity Island is a brand new idle game from Luca Redwood that is available now for iOS and Android. You might be familiar with Redwood from their previous games, 10000000, You Must Build A Boat and Photographs.

Redwood's previous game was fairly dark, so they decided to create something a touch more fun and accessible with Infinity Island. Aside from a shift in tone, Infinity Island is a rare foray into the world of free-to-play for the developer.