Haegin has announced that their casual social title, Play Together, has reached an impressive 10 million downloads. In addition to hitting this milestone, they have also released a new update, introducing a host of new content.

The headline additions in this new update are the Camera and Pet Care features. The Camera will allow players to snap memorable moments and share them with their pals if they'd like. Meanwhile, the Pet Care system - unsurprisingly - allows players to look after their furry friends as well as the pets of their friends, so long as they are in the Pet Fence.

However, the update doesn't end there. The Slide and Trampoline furniture items now have interactive features to make them a more enjoyable choice to have around the home. Meanwhile, a new Dice emotion has been added, and players can now send and receive Hearts from the Players Nearby menu.

In addition to the update, Haegin has released a Partner Program for content creators interested in making videos about Play Together. Budding or established YouTubers or Twitch streamers can apply through the official community or through the in-game highlight section, Play TV. The first partners are due to be announced on August 27th.

It's worth pointing out there are a few criteria potential partners need to adhere to. They will need to either upload one video a week or stream the game for a minimum of three hours a week. If successful, they will benefit from in-game and coupons for viewer events.

Play Together is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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