LINE Games has announced that several pieces of content in their popular RPG, Exos Heroes, have received changes to celebrate the summer season. There is also a new story event to tackle called Memorial Saga that follows Ramge, the Prince of North von Frosty.

Alongside that, players can face off against a seasonal Quantum Raid, appropriately called Summer Vacation. Successfully beating this Raid will net players numerous in-game items. Players will also earn 1,500 Xes, 5 Ultimate Orbs and 20 Nation Recruit tickets simply for logging into the game until 25th August.

Similarly, until that date, Liffy’s 14 Day Gift event offers a Summer Festa Fatecore Selection Ticket and items such as 700 Xes and 800,000 Gold. A free Premium Recruit event will also run until 11th August, offering players a chance to get 77 free recruits.

Elsewhere, a new Fatecore has been added for the Fated Hero, Luna. Her new variant is called ‘Blue Moon of the Tropical Night – Luna and is accompanied by the Exclusive Weapon Atlantis Whip. It is a Gold Fatecore with the ability to eliminate harmful effects from allies and increase critical hit chance simultaneously. Both the Fatecore and weapon can be summoned with an increased chance until 4th August.

The latest update also introduces Chapter 20 to the game, allowing players to continue the ongoing story. Finally, the developers say they have implemented various quality of life changes to improve player experience.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Storeand Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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