Puzzle Brawl is a match-3 game that's available now for Android and in select regions for iOS. Developer Skyborne Games describes it as a mixture of Clash Royale's metagame, Empires & Puzzles' match-3 combat and League of Legend's game design principles. It certainly sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Before each match, players will select up to five different heroes, which are known as brawlers. They will then battle against another player's defense team by matching coloured tiles. As players continue to battle, they will move through 10 different arenas until they reach the challenger arena.

Each arena will unlock additional rewards and new brawlers to add to their roster. In theory, the higher they climb, the more the tactics that emerge as new brawlers will bring more potential strategies to each battle.

The developers - who have previously worked on Riot's League of Legends - have looked to apply similar design principles to the 50 plus brawlers that are available in Puzzle Brawl by creating satisfying skills and synergies between each character. They also believe they have improved Empire & Puzzles' core gameplay by introducing abilities such as Decaying Shield and Position Swap.

Each brawler can be upgraded to increase their prowess on the battlefield, whilst skins are also available for a touch of personalisation. Once players have assembled their perfect team, they can look to climb the leaderboards and create guilds to chat with other players.

Puzzle Brawl is available now over on Google Play and on the App Store in Singapore, Canada, Australia. It is expected to release globally on 8th August. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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