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What is the apocrypha? The word "apocrypha" is ancient Greek for "hidden", and refers to a collection of Bible books that have proven controversial over the years.

For Roman Catholics, these books are canonical, meaning that they are as important as any other Bible books. To early protestants such as Martin Luther, these books were deuterocanonical - important enough to include in the Bible, but he placed them in their own section so that they were explicitly separate from the rest of the Bible.

Today, the apocrypha remains a source of fascination for many Christians: it documents several Hebrew traditions unheard of elsewhere in the Bible, it adds history to the books of Daniel and Esther, and it provides teaching that inspired great people such as Christopher Columbus and John Bunyan.

This app presents the full apocrypha in the Authorized King James translation, giving you these books:

- I and II Esdras
- Tobit
- Judith
- The Rest of Esther
- Wisdom of Solomon
- Ecclesiasticus
- Baruch
- Epistle of Jeremiah
- Song of the Three Children
- History of Susanna
- Bel and the Dragon
- Prayer of Manasses
- I and II Maccabees

What's more, you can tap any verse to either email that verse to a friend, email the chapter to a friend, or try to commit the verse to memory. Just navigate to find the verse you want to learn, then tap on it and choose either Fill in the Blanks or Reorder to test yourself. This app is unique in that it lets you choose *any* verse in the apocrypha to learn - just find it, and tap on it!

This app is universal, which means that it will work on all your iPhones, iPod touches and iPads with a single purchase.

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App Changes

  • June 10, 2014 Initial release