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SPQR v4.0, "Pliny: It rhymes with Mini", is here at last, bringing some new texts for your reading pleasure:

- New texts in English and Latin: Pliny the Younger's Letters, Pliny the Elder's Natural History.

- New texts in English: Livy's Ab Urbe Condita, Juvenal's Satires, Ovid's Ars Amatoria. (These were already in Latin, but have been updated to include English.)

- New texts in Latin: Propertius's Elegies, Tibullus's Elegies.

Additionally, SPQR now supports the full range of iOS devices, from iPhone 4s through to 6s Plus, and iPad mini through to iPad Pro. In order to work with such a wide range of devices, the quotes screen has been simplified a little – a small trade off, but one that enables a much wider range of device support. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact me on Twitter: @twostraws.

Thank you for your continued support of SPQR, and I hope you enjoy reading the new authors!

App Description

SPQR is the ultimate learning tool for Latin students who want to immerse themselves in the language, presenting the most comprehensive Latin dictionary on the App Store, dozens of Latin texts with English translations, a grammar tester, flashcards, quiz, numeral converter, quotes of ancient wisdom, language learning tools and more.

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Here are just some of the features:
- Full, fast and searchable copy of the Lewis & Short Latin lexicon - it searches as you type, showing either short definitions or full definitions along with citations.

- Parse any Latin word to English, regardless of conjugation - includes full breakdown of the word's form.

- Full copies of classic texts in their original Latin, grouped either by author or genre, including: the Gallic War and Civil War by Julius Caesar, Res Gestae by Augustus, the Twelve Caesars by Suetonius, the Amores by Ovid, the poems of Catullus, the Aeneid, Georgicon and Eclogues by Virgil, Pliny the Elder and Younger, the Metamorphoses by Apuleius, five landmark speeches by Cicero (including In Verrem!), plus Horace, Juvenal, Vitruvius and more!

- Most of our Latin texts come with parallel English translations, which means you can be reading Caesar's original Latin description of his battles in Gaul, then tap a button and jump to an English translation exactly where you left off - flip between languages to check your translation as often as you want!

- New "Church fathers" mode that gives you the Bible in English and Latin, plus Augustine's Confessions and Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

- Students can use the built-in grammar test to check their skill at Latin conjugation; teachers can use the new exam mode to generate tests for classes in seconds.

- When you find a new word, use SPQR's flashcards system to practice your vocabulary as you learn.

- Our built-in classics quiz has over 4000 questions on the ancient world to test your knowledge.

- Included in the app are full copies of Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar, plus Fabulae Faciles, Bennet's New Latin Grammar and The Comic Latin Grammar - we've even added Edward Gibbon's epic work The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire for good measure.

- Dozens of quotes from ancient Roman sources, along with their English translations.

- Set Access Controls to restrict features based on student needs.

- PLUS: take advantage of the integrated Roman numeral converter, experience Caesar's Gallic War in word-for-word mode, try your hand at the Sortes Virgilianae, get up close to Ancient Rome with our exclusive photo collection, and more!

SPQR is the app no serious Latin student should be without!

"I teach both high school and college Latin classes. This is a great tool. To the creator: gratias multas! Everything he/she writes on the app advertisement page is accurate." - Magister McNair

"Wow... This has to be the best app I've ever spent money on. You could spend months just reading all the content it has, and the dictionary is just as useful as any official one." - Toop777

"The sheer volume of material is nearly overwhelming. Definitely worth the price." - Kevbo SF

"I bought this app a couple of days ago, and am still coming to terms with how fabulous it is... If you love (or even like) Latin, I can't imagine you could be disappointed with this app. It does all that the creator promises, and it does it oh so well." - TuTubusLatinus

"This app is a Swiss Army Knife of Latin resources. As it is it's good enough for anyone who is comfortable reading Latin and wants to keep his classic texts all in one convenient app." - Jerrykim

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