App Description

*** Please note: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only, and does not provide any sort of "real" psychic testing. ***

*** This app requires both an iPad and an iPhone, with your iPhone turned to silent mode ***

Ready to amaze your friends and family with your psychic power? Of course you're not really psychic, but with this app you can have fun and confuse your friends - they'll never guess how you're doing it!

When you launch the app on your iPad, you'll see eight cards. Seven of them are assorted red shapes, but only one is a green star. Your friends can try all they like, but they'll never find the green star every time - the best they can hope for is to get lucky!

But you'll find the star every time, without fail. How? Because this app connects your iPad to your iPhone over Bluetooth, and every time your friends finger slides over the right card, your phone will silently buzz in your pocket.

Your friend will hear nothing, but you'll know where the card is. Now just ham up your psychic powers - "ooh.. yeah, that card feels kind warm... I'm getting good vibrations from that one..." and you're friends will be in awe as you guess correctly time and time again.


- Requires both an iPad and an iPhone. This is a universal app, which means your single purchase works on both devices - the iPad is where you'll see the cards, and the iPhone is where you can read the instructions before putting it into your pocket.

- Works entirely over Bluetooth, so no need for Wi-Fi - the connection works great up to 30 feet away!

- Eery music will keep your friend distracted on the iPad - "is it the drums?!" was one comment we had during testing! - and, just to annoy OCD people, the cards randomly move ever so slightly, as if there's some sort of mathematical sequence.

- Optional vibration-free mode lets you rely on the color of your iPhone screen - place it across the room from your friend, and it'll turn green when the star is touched.

- Guaranteed to work - your friends will have no clue how it's done!

*** This app requires both an iPad and an iPhone ***

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App Changes

  • June 04, 2014 Initial release