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Super Homework Time is a serious app with a silly name. There are already lots of sparkly educational apps for kids to play with, but this is not one of them: this is an educational app aimed at parents and teachers who want to help children practice reading, writing and mathematics, and it uses cutting-edge interactive learning technology to make that goal easier than ever.

You start by creating a user. If you're a parent this will be your child, but if you're a teacher you can create users for every child in your class. You then configure that user's settings to match each child's skill level across six categories: phonics, reading, writing, number recognition, adding and subtraction. So far, so boring, right?

Now comes the interesting part: when you choose an activity, Super Homework Time will prompt you to ask your child a question. For example, "How do you spell 'because'?" You then listen to your child answer and choose one of three options: "Correct" if the child answered the question immediately and confidently, "Doubtful" if the child had to think a long time or perhaps made an error then corrected themselves, or "Wrong" if they didn't know the answer.

When one of these three options is chosen, Super Homework Time does two important things. First, it will use spaced repetition to re-ask the question in about a minute, just after the correct answer has left the child's short-term memory. This helps transfer knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory, and builds confidence. Second, it will remember which questions each child struggled with most, and ask them that question more in the future to help them learn, so that even when they've learned the answer they'll still be asked again so that knowledge is re-enforced.

So, if you've ever stared at a long list of national curriculum spellings you should be teaching your child, or if you've ever wondered how well your child can add and subtract numbers up to 20, Super Homework Time is for you.


* It's completely free for as many children as you want.

* Tests spelling of over 3000 words at eight grade levels, using UK and US English depending on your iPad's settings.

* Tests adding and subtracting at six skill levels.

* For early readers, it tests phonics consonants, vowels and digraphs.

* Includes nine printable activities to add extra variety to your homework time.

* Customizable spaced repetition settings so you get to decide if and when words should be re-shown.

* Tested on real children using scientifically sound learning methodology.

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App Changes

  • July 21, 2015 Initial release