App Description

● Equipped with "Spectrum Roll Graph" that allows you to visually check the chord structure and sound strength of singing voice and harmony of musical instruments in real time.
● The sound picked up by the built-in microphone is recorded automatically saved. If you play the file, you can reproduce and check it as many times as you like.
● You can use not only recorded files but also audio files shared from other apps.
● The pitch and strength of chords and single notes can be checked both visually and audibly using "Flush Keyboard" and "Pitch Pipe".
● Simply touch the Spectrum Roll Graph to repeat playback of the same point any number of times.
● The keyboard and the graph can be freely controlled by intuitive touch operations for zooming and scrolling.

・Because the musical tone composition of multiple instruments and singing voices such as choruses and ensembles can be viewed in real time in the form of power spectra, it is also useful for play by ear .
・By playing the pitch pipe while looking at the spectrum graph, you can hear the harmony parts and the chords of the instruments.
・Please use it for checking and practicing the sound of the harmony part of karaoke.
・You can observe the overtone components that characterize musical instruments and singing voices.
・It is also useful for chord analysis and pitch analysis of music played in the background, such as Apple Music and YouTube.

■ Features of the app
・Real-time analysis of chords and harmony
・Various and rich screen display
・Screen mode linked to device orientation
・Real-time analysis of microphone input sound
・Recording of microphone input sound
・Playback of recorded files
・Playback loop, playback jump
・Analysis of recorded files
・Play shared files
・Analysis of shared files
・Pitch pipe
・Zoom & scroll keyboard
・Spectral Roll Graph
・Flash Keyboard

● Display items (real time)
・Spectrum Roll Graph
・MIDI note number
・Power Spectrum
・Microphone input level
・Audio level meter
・Playback progress bar

● Sound playback
・Audio files (recorded files, shared files)
・Loop playback
・Replay jump
・Pitch pipe (6 types of tones, keyboard tap)

● Precautions
・To prevent howling, the microphone input signal is automatically disabled during pitch pipe or audio file playback.
・Instrumental sounds and singing voices contain sounds of various frequencies, such as fundamental tones and integer harmonics, and this app allows you to visually observe them.

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • March 02, 2023 Initial release
  • March 04, 2023 Price decrease: $4.99 -> $1.99