There are a lot of big games coming that you might be excited about, but one of those I am most interested in is Athenian Rhapsody because it looks delightfully silly. The developers behind this project, the rather fancy-sounding Top Hat Studios, have released a new gameplay trailer ahead filled with some interesting morsels.

Athenian Rhapsody refers to itself as an IBS-infused RPG, so you can already tell where this will be going. You travel across the land either picking fights or befriending everyone you come across, whilst taking on truly herculean tasks such as the Carry a Feather mission. Every decision you make will truly impact your journey and the ending you reach.

To keep everything interesting, or perfect just to feed the chaos, battle mechanics will drop from fight to fight. The trailer showcases quite a few of these, from a test-your-strength type meter to a rhythm game, to what has to be the weirdest way to fight I have seen. I don’t know how drawing an image is going to impact combat, but I want to find out.

We also get a bit more information on the titular rhapsodies, which solo dev Nico Papalia always makes sure to stress has nothing to do with WEB 3.0 or NFTs. Whenever you complete a playthrough you get a nice animation postcard that has a photo of you from the run, and a host of information.

Your stats, story, and achievements will also be immortalised on this digital card, which can then be traded to friends so you can compare each other's choices and challenges faced. There is a big fuss made about how each playthrough is unique, so it will be cool to put together a scrapbook of your and your friend's once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Athenian Rhapsody will be launching on May 14th and shall be available on the App Store and Google Play.

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