Version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail is on the horizon and brings the culmination of the Penacony adventure after quite the escalation in the latest story quests. To help you through this new expansion is the introduction of two powerful new characters; Boothill and Robin, but a powerful new opponent might still prove a problem.

The secrets of The Family soon threaten to spill into the open, as the Trailblazer heads deep into new Dreamscapes including the barren Dreamflux Reef. Looking to bar your path is the newest special opponent, “Harmonious Choir” The Great Septimus. Dangers abound, but there is still a little time for fun.

The Charmony Festival draws near, enticing attendees from across the universe. The Festivity Auditions, sponsored by SoulGlad, will give Trailblazers a chance to step foot on the Penacony Grand Theater. To achieve this you will need to get through multiple audition stages to claim the coveted Festive Superstar title.

The first new character is Miss Robin herself, the famous 5-star singer. She uses her music mastery in combat to buff skills, with her Ultimate placing her in a performative state. This allows all allies to each take an immediate turn with enhanced buffs, and Robin herself deals additional damage to an enemy after each attack. A fantastic-sounding skill.

Our next hero is the frankly wicked-sounding 5-star, Boothill, a cyborg cowboy. This Galaxy Ranger tears for the universe to catch the eye of the Interastral Peace Corporation, to deliver his vengeance. He comes packed with a duel ability, taunting a foe and causing each individual to deal more damage to the other. His Ultimate also imbues physical weakness on his target and postpones their actions.

Alongside these two new characters is the return of Master Diviner Fy Xuan, as well as Topaz and her pet Warp Trotter Numby. To celebrate the games’ first anniversary there will be a live-streamed concert on May 1st. This will look back on the past year's fantastic journey and take us a step closer to the release of Miss Robin’s hotly anticipated album release.

Honkai: Star Rail is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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