It is a good time to be a Netflix subscriber this month. I presume there's a good show or two, but we are, of course, talking about their gaming service that seems to be picking up steam lately. May is adding five new titles, and there are some top names in there.

Starting with what you can pick up right now, you could be enjoying Sonic Mania Plus as you read this. Designed as a homage to when Sonic games were at their peak, you can play as Tails, Knuckles, or the blue blur himself to dash through this easter egg-filled nostalgia trip and grab those all-important rings.

Next up, May 14th is going to be a massive day as Braid Anniversary Edition lands. Released to overwhelming acclaim back in 2008, the Anniversary Edition remasters the beloved classes and contains 50 new levels. What's more, there is even an exclusive new level just for Netflix members.

Moving towards the end of the month, Paper Trail will arrive on May 21st. This top-down puzzle adventure picked up the Best Mobile Game titled at the Tokyo Game Show and follows the story of Paige as she leaves her home in search of knowledge. It features some pretty nice gameplay, where you need to fold the level itself to unlock the way forward, worth looking at.

Capping off the scheduled games on May 29th, Netflix Stories: Virgin River is a love story that seems a dejected, heartbroken protagonist leaves their dead-end job and travels to the eponymous River. Meet new friends, get a new outlook on life, and maybe find love along the way. It’s cheesy, but sometimes that’s just what you need.

Finally, releasing at a random date in May that not even Netflix knows, Katana Zero will be bursting onto mobiles. A retro pixel neo-noir platformer, you take the role of a samurai assassin, who dies when taking any damage. Dodge bullets, slow down time and take down your foe before they get you.

Netflix is available from the App Store and Google Play, with the cheapest subscription being $6.99.

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