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- About this game -
The mahjong tile drops from the sky one after another. Pile them up well. And, make a wonderful hand quickly.
This is exciting, is original, and a game of the Tetris style.
To play this game, you should have a sharp brain and quick reflexes.
The number of stages is 100 in all.
Challenge a high score, and conquer all stages right now.

- Game Menu -
Please select the career game or the stage game.
The career game is a game that conquers all stages.
The stage game is a game that challenges a high score only in the conquered stage.
In the game menu, let's horizontally drag and select the stage.

- Operation -
You can do the following operation while playing a game.
Please rotate a couple of tile by touching the screen.
Please drop the tile at high speed by vertically dragging it.
Please rotate the turntable by horizontally dragging it.

- Head and Element -
Please arrange the head and the element in the row with the falling tile.
A pair of same tile is a head.
Three same tiles or four same tiles or tiles of the same kind of sequential number are elements.

- Hand of mahjong -
If you make one head and four elements, the hand of the mahjong is completed.
The hand of the mahjong is explained in the latter half of this help.
Please refer.
When the hand is not completed, it is a mistake. The score decreases.
The level of the stage improves when the hand is completed.

- Chain -
The tile falls on to the space which the head and the element came off and it piles up.
The chain of the fall occurs when the head and the element queue up again at that time.
When the chain occurs, you can get the bonus point.

- Example of technique -
You can change the head of the hand whenever there is no element yet.
By using this technique
You can earn the bonus of the chain, and remove a lot of obstructive tiles.
However, when the element exists, you cannot change the head of the hand.

- Conquest of stage -
The core rotates in the turntable.
Please complete the hand of the mahjong, and remove the core one by one.
If you can remove all cores, it is conquest of the stage.
When the tile that piled up reaches the upper bound, it is game over.

- Foul -
It is a foul that there are five same tiles or more when the hand of the mahjong is completed.
It is a penalty of a minus point.
However, one core is removed. Moreover, the level of the stage improves.

- Season -
There are four seasons from spring to winter. The stage of 100 waits for you.
Each season is composed of the stage of 25.
In the menu, you can jump to the first stage of the season by touching each season tile.
Now can you really conquer all stages?

Completely original Mahjong game.
It composes of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
100 stage.
Career game and Stage game.
Full 3D graphics animation by OpenGLES.
3D animation help with explanation of hand of mahjong that changes hand every time at random.

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