Have you ever sat down and wondered what would happen if Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes went on an adventure? Well, besides probably being the best mash-up of English fiction, you'd get the Hidden Through Time series, and now Rogueside has announced its next upcoming instalment, Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery.

Discovery follows the success of the last title, Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic, and I am sure I am not alone in thinking how isn't this Hidden Through Time 3 then? Perhaps that's one of the hidden secrets to fine. What isn’t confusing however is how much fun you will have, because it's a lot.

Sticking to the adage of if it ain't broke don’t fix it, Discovery sticks true to what players loved from the previous instalments and whisks us away across a multitude of enchanting eras brought to life with beautiful hand-drawn objects. Simply kick back and relax as you explore pretty places and find those pesky hidden items.

One of the most interesting features of Discovery definitely looks to be the Map Editor. This allows players to create their own levels from three eras; Sci-fi, Victorian, and my favourite, Noir. It looks pretty extensive from the trailer so exciting to see how that goes. It’s always great when those creative types can let loose, and of course a shrewd move from developers to get free continuous content.

A returning feature from Myths & Magic is the Reality Shift which allows you to flip between time and seasons to explore a map even more. It will be quite cool if this can also be mixed into the Map Editor, to make some incredibly detailed player creations. Either way, adding to the fact you can open houses and peer inside, there are a lot of places to hide.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.

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