I am a fan of anime, and I hear about a lot that comes through, but one that escaped my attention until now is A Certain Scientific Railgun T, and that name is very enticing. If it's new to you too, then players of Blue Archive can get a hands-on introduction to this series thanks to the game's latest collaboration.

The event, A Certain Scientific Record of Youth, follows Sensei having a stress-free break from his work with Schale. That is until he hears students from another world have wound in Kivotos and passed out in the Ruins. Gather your team, follow the story and help these wayward characters back to their own world, and you will get a free Saten Ruiko for your troubles.

It wouldn't be much of a collaboration with characters, so you can recruit two names from the anime. Of course, the main character comes over, with Misaka Mikoto proving why she is ranked one of the strongest espers in the show. She is a piercing-type Striker who can use her EX Skill to deal insane damage proportional to her ATK by firing lightning in a straight line. So rack up the foes and live out your Emperor Palpatine dreams.

Following Mikoto over is Shokuhou Misaki, who holds perhaps one of the most terrifying psychic abilities; controlling the minds of others. In Blue Archive she takes the role of an Explosive Striker whose EX also scales on her ATK. When cast, it inflicts confusion on the target for up to a massive seven seconds, as well as an additional two enemies closest to them. A truly devastating effect.

To further celebrate the collaboration, Nexon is holding a further event until May 14th with everyone's favourite attendee; free stuff. Simply log in and you can claim a daily 100 Proxenes, culminating with receiving the three-star furniture piece Momo Friends Merch Kiosk on day seven.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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