What's New

The volume setting function was added.
Exercise setting functions that can be registered up to eight in maximum.

App Description

In version 1.1, it corresponds to the following points.

- You can adjust the volume of the voice.
- You can register the settings of the exercise up to eight in maximum.

It is considerably troublesome to count the movement of the repetition oneself at the time of muscular training or limbering up.
The count frequency often becomes uncertain on the way of the exercise.
This application program is very convenient in such a case.
The acceleration sensor catches your movement, and it counts by the voice synchronizing with the repetition movement.

One of the big features of this application program is to be able to set the upper bound of the pace of the repetition beforehand.
No matter how you move fast, it is not counted faster than the upper bound of the set pace.
Oppositely, when the pace of your movement is slower than that of the upper bound, it counts synchronizing with the pace of your favor.
In addition, there is no mis-count that contradicts my mind by the combination with the sensitivity adjustment of the sensor.
This application program flexibly corresponds to the movement method and the count method.

For instance,
You can practice punching with iPhone in your hand.
You can use it as a pedometer.
You can jump, and exercise in squat with iPhone put in the pocket of your clothes.
In addition, limbering up, pushup, and sit-up, etc.
You can use this application program for various exercises depending on your idea.

If the voice cycle is set to two, it counts by the voice "One Two One Two".
If the voice cycle is set to four, it counts by the voice "One Two Three Four One Two Three Four".
"Come on" or "One more time" or another cheer hangs sometimes, too.

The count stops automatically when it reaches the set number of counts (= cycle X frequency).
You need not consider how many times to have repeated.
If the sensor sensitivity is maximized, the voice is counted by the pace set with iPhone put somewhere.
Please take care not to drop the iPhone though this is a convenient application program.

Voice count function that synchronizes with movement pace using acceleration sensor.
The cycle of the voice count can be selected from 2, 3, 4, and 8. (X = Voice Off)
Cycle frequency can be inputed.
Count sensitivity adjustment function of acceleration sensor.
Count pace of upper bound setting function by tap.
Count frequency display function.
Automatic count function of set pace at the maximum sensitivity.
Voice that reduces monotony, and improves motivation.

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