Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Gameplay Journal Part 5

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 17th, 2021
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Now that I have my quest legs, Divinity - Original Sin 2 is feeling more and more like an epic quest than a curiously rich playground. It also seems like a good sign that I'm ready to break free of the chains keeping me in this starting area to crack open this game and really see what's lying underneath.

If there was any lingering doubt, this entry in our gameplay journal solidifies the no compromise nature of Divinity - Original Sin 2. In the first video (above), I finally confront Griff about his missing shipment of oranges in an effort to free the mysterious elf prisoner. This is then followed by my first step toward breaking out of Fort Joy.

As opposed to simply talking to people, learning about the world, or fighting somewhat random enemies, this section of gameplay really felt like I was having an impact on the world and how people view my character. The confrontation with Griff was a heroic move (which the game itself acknowledged), and my turn to violence toward the magisters firmly cements me as an enemy of the Divine Order.

This really feels like a reflection of my own opinions of the state of Divinity - Original Sin 2's world, though it's unclear to me how I could've necessarily made different moves. This is to say that it seems like there is a way to free the elf without violence. Upon freeing him, it was also unclear to me how to follow said elf's advice for escape, though confronting the magisters head on seemed effective, right, and not horribly difficult. That said I would've hoped to know anything about the NPC paladin that joined my fight against the magisters before he was struck down during combat. So it goes, I guess.

Despite being puzzled as to how to access them, the perceived possibility space in Divinity - Original Sin 2 is something that is almost entirely foreign to mobile games. Even as the technical limitations of playing games on phones and tablets continues to erode, it is rare to come across situations where I feel like my behavior could radically change the course of an adventure or quest, and I look forward to seeing just how much Divinity allows for that as I keep playing.

Speaking of technical limitations, this entry was also the first section of play after Divinity - Original Sin 2's first mobile patch. I can't say I noticed any huge differences in gameplay or performance, though I have faith that this (and future patches) will help prevent pain points from coming up as I continue playing.

For now, Divinity - Original Sin 2 is really starting to open up and it's easier to look past some of its more peculiar controls and behaviors. I can't wait to bust out of Fort Joy and post more impressions to bring you along with me on this journey. Until the next entry!

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