Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Gameplay Journal Part 4

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 14th, 2021
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It only took me four entries in this journal to finally advance some quests instead of just pick them up! Fort Joy has been an entertainingly complex starting area, but it always just seemed I was spinning my tires trying to find the key to moving things forward. I was getting into fights and learning things about the world, sure, but my quest log just seemed to keep adding tasks and I wasn't sure exactly how to check them off the list.

In the first gameplay video for this entry, I spend a lot of time fighting fire slugs, and I'm not sure I know much about them or why they are under Fort Joy, but are and they aren't very friendly. From there I discover that removing my collar from my performance in the battle arena has some consequences before finally stumbling across Stingtail, the prophetic lizardman who knows more information about Griff's missing oranges, which seemed to be my primary quest at the moment. He was just hiding on a sleeping mat in essentially the one area of the map I hadn't checked yet.

This continues to be the rub with Divinity - Original Sin 2. Even its starting prison camp feels so vast that it's easy to miss things or stumble into situations you weren't meaning to. I'd be surprised if this is unique to playing the mobile version, though navigating all of this on a smaller screen and in shorter play sessions probably doesn't help things.

With the second video for this entry, I really start pressing quests forward, as I also discovered the meaning behind some of the map markers a little more clearly at this point. I also get into a huge fight in which one of my party members dies, and the item for resurrecting them bugs out and doesn't let me revive them... at least temporarily.

Pointing out all these problems likely make it sound like I'm pretty down on the game, but it's probably more accurate to say I'm frustrated and disappointed by it, though still determined to press on. The combat is super intriguing, and I need to know what is going on outside the walls of Fort Joy. I just wish that every step I take in trying to explore these things further didn't have some kind of perplexing or unexpected issue associated with them!

These entries were recorded prior to Divinity - Original Sin 2's first big update on mobile, though, which has a laundry list full of bug fixes listed in the notes. Maybe my time will improve as I get more acquainted with the game and the game itself gets more optimized. We'll find out, in the next entry!

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