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With Jetlag Timer you can avoid Jetlag on long flights. The program is based on scientific insights and calculates several days before flight wether you should go to sleep earlier or later. With this method you set your biological clock to the time zone at target area prior to flight.

You want to fly from Europe to New York. You are in time zone 1, New York is in time zone -5. that means -6h difference. So you have to go to sleep 6 days before each day about 1h later. At 30 Minutes intervall it is 12 days before. Your Bedtime maybe always 23:00. So you go to bed 6 days before flight at 00:00, 5 days before at 01:00 etc. On the last day, departure-day,it will be at 05:00. At the destination (New York) it is 23:00 - your normal bedtime. With this your are accomodated to that time zone. To the other direction (from USA to Europe or Europe to Asia) it works counterwise, you go earlier to bed. The program calculates all for you.

- Set your time zone and the destinated time zone.
- Setyour bedtime
- Set the intervall, e.g. 60 min
- As result you get a table below days and bedtimes befor flight.
- These settings can be saved and are right at your hand when needed

- iPhone or iPod Touch
- OS 3.x or higher

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