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As we get older, we hear people getting worse and worse. Young people under 20 years still hear well, up to 18 kHz. A 90 year old only hears about 5 kHz. A 30-40 year old should be able to hear up to 14,000 Hz. By loud music or environmental noise but this threshold is further reduced. Test your hearing and determine how old you (or your ear) really are. You can set the frequency from 1,000 Hz to 18,000 Hz. The program does not replace a professional hearing test. Use it to generally determine if you still hear well. If you are suspected, go to a doctor and have a professional hearing test performed there.

Technical specifications:
Frequency adjustable from 1.000 Hz to 18.000 Hz (from approx. 15.000 Hz the device does not support)

Try different frequencies first
- Select a frequency from the list and press ENTER
-Adjust the volume
-Then start the test at 1000 Hz and adjust the frequency until you can no longer hear the sound
-The appropriate age is displayed

Use the program wisely. Do not play the sounds near children, other pets.

Apple TV Screenshots

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TV Hear Test screenshot 1

App Changes

  • May 24, 2019 Initial release