Void Tyrant guide - Tips and tricks for the Priest class

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 22nd, 2019
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We’re still plugging away at Void Tyrant over here. This game has got some serious legs. There’s always new stuff to uncover or learn on any given session.

We’ve already covered the base Knight class here on 148apps, so we wanted to step up and list our tips for the Priest. Check them out below:

Don’t get hit... ever

The Priest is a much more delicate class than the Knight. They don’t have nearly as much shielding or HP as the Knight, so they should aim not to get hit ever, if possible.

Thankfully, Priests can avoid getting hit quite well. With their large pools of EP, they can spend lots of time discarding cards or casting whatever modifiers they have on hand without much worry. With this advantage, you should be able to play a Priest that is able to get their combat cards up to 12 with stunning regularity. If you can’t, then you might be in trouble. Taking even just a couple hits can take your life down to zero pretty quickly.

Shuffle things up

Although Priests also come equipped with lots of powerful spells, I’ve found that the most useful cards in the Priest’s deck to be modifiers and shuffle cards. This is because there’s no rush to ever win a battle in Void Tyrant, and the low cost of these cards pairs nicely with a class that has the luxury of being able to cycle through lots of their deck to find them.

Spells, while flashy and damaging, can easily deplete your precious EP and make it difficult to hit a 12 in a future hand. Playing mostly around modifiers and shuffle cards (with their lowly cost of 5 EP each) is a much safer and consistent strategy for success, even if it means chipping an enemy down one point of damage at a time.

Best gear

My favorite pieces of gear for the Priest class are the Pantheon Staff and Mainframe Brain, though both take some maneuvering to get. The Pantheon Staff, like many other weapons designed for the Priest, is great because it allows you to regain lots of EP, both actively and passively. Its true edge comes through it dealing random types of damage to enemies per strike. This won’t always work in your favor, but it prevents you from ever being in a fight with the wrong kind of elemental damage, which is particularly useful when facing off against Wruut’s final form. You can get the Pantheon Staff as a drop from the warp portal boss.

As for the Mainframe Brain, this card lets you discard up to 10 hand cards without any EP penalty. This is a great addition to any deck, but works well for Priests in particular because I find this class most benefits from cycling through your deck to find the exact right cards you need, and this really helps get that done. To get the Mainframe Brain, you have to defeat the corrupted AI in Altirian Space, though it isn’t a guaranteed drop.

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