Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Gameplay Journal Part 6

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 21st, 2021
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Fort Joy fades into the rear-view on this entry of the Divinity - Original Sin 2 Gameplay Journal. I finally decided to take my party right to the magister leadership and strike them down. This period of the game has been the most exciting outside of the initial boat sequence, mostly because I'm not sure what is lurking beyond the walls of the military prison.

The first sequence of this journal entry is mostly my final fight within Fort Joy against High Judge Orivand and his cronies. The fight initiates after the judge explains why the magisters act to lock up "sorcerers" like yourself and shows first-hand what the end goal of imprisonment looks like. Thankfully, it confirms all negative feelings toward these oppressors, though I will say there is some believable reasoning behind their heinous acts.

From a lore and world-building perspective, I'm blown away by Divinity - Original Sin 2, and it's easily the most propulsive force for me as I play. What does being a sorcerer really mean, and who defines it? What actually are the Voidwoken? Are these two things actually related, or does the Divine Order know more than it's letting on? Moreover, will I actually learn any of these answers, or will my adventure end with me--playing as The Beast--trying to restore order and justice to the land of dwarves, with all of these bigger world questions simply hanging out in the background?

The second video on this post has me taking my first baby steps into the unknown. Outside the walls of Fort Joy is The Hollow Marshes, which seem to be overrun with undead mauraders. The undead are a particularly curious faction in this game that don't seem to concerned with the quarrels of the living, though I'm hoping to have a bit more interaction with them beyond fighting. I guess more on that remains to be seen, and I hope to learn about whether they tie into the grand drama between sorcerers and the Divine Order as well.

If it weren't for lingering thoughts like these, I'd be much more down on the game in general. It continues to look great and have fantastic voice acting, but the initial load on boot is almost two minutes, combat has largely grown stale now that I have found a winning combination of abilities, and inventory management is starting to rear its ugly head as a very necessary part of success in Divinity - Original Sin 2. I will say that the most recent update does seem to have stabilized the frame rate around fights somewhat, which adds slightly more polish to this massive experience, but it is basically in no way a mobile-friendly title.

As always, I plan to continue pushing forward, partially in hopes to satisfy my own curiosity, but also to keep tabs on how the experience might change over time, whether that be through updates or gameplay developments to see how the entirety of Divinity - Original Sin 2 feels on iOS.

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