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- Beautiful Visuals & Gameplay Optimisation
- Various Improvements In All Mini Games
- Christmas Themed Graphics

App Description

Christmas is the best time of the year...Especially for zombies! Frantic 2 – 4 player fun is waiting to be had in this must have Christmas party game.
Zombie Party is four fun games in one featuring Zombie Tanks, Zombie Hockey, Brain-Out and Zombie golf. Zombie Party is the perfect Christmas party game, featuring four player gaming madness that is suitable for any age!

Use your bumper to bounce brains off the blocks, smash as many blocks as you can with your color to get points. But you better watch out, your zombie opponents will be trying to do the same. Hilarious and hectic, this game will keep you entertained as you try to beat your friends!

The aim of the game is to protect your goal and get the brain-puck into your opponents’ net. It’s not quite that simple though, random power ups will appear throughout the game that will put a shield in front of your goal, or turn your zombie double his size but be careful, it’s not always good news…

Flick your zombie into the hole, but watch out as your opponents try to barge you off course and steal the hole for themselves. Accuracy and timing are key to beating your friends in this fun mini game!

What could be better than tanks? Zombie tanks, obviously. Blast your undead opponents to smithereens and dodge their fire. Collect power-ups including double barrels, increased speed and a shield to gain the edge on your pals.

iPad Screenshots

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Zombie Party screenshot 1 Zombie Party screenshot 2 Zombie Party screenshot 3 Zombie Party screenshot 4 Zombie Party screenshot 5

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