Whoever said perfection is overrated obviously never got a five-star review on 148Apps. It doesn’t happen often. Just take a quick look through our reviews and you’ll see lots of well-deserving Editor’s Choice winners, but most only reach four-and-a-half stars. In fact, in all of 2013 there have only been ten five-star reviews. Take a look at some of what we considered the best of the best this year.


screen568x568Jool is a unique 2D platformer that features a bird and his evil alter ego. Collect items, earn points, and survive. –Michael Carattini

Year Walk

yearwalkYear Walk is a haunting adventure game from Simogo that blends a dark world and involved mythology together to create an absolutely amazing experience. –Carter Dotson

Ridiculous Fishing

fishingRidiculous Fishing, Vlambeer’s fishing (with guns!) game has been a long time in the works thanks to drama over a clone, but it’s finally here and it’s spectacular. –Carter Dotson

The Orchestra

orchThe Orchestra takes classical music lovers of all ages on a multi-media back stage tour like no other. –Lisa Caplan

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

unicornRobot Unicorn Attack 2 takes everything that was great about the original and adds more depth to it to make it a tremendous experience. –Carter Dotson

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

KOTOR_3The best Star Wars game of all time has made it to the iPad in a faithful port by Aspyr, and Knights of the Old Republic shines just as brightly as it did ten years ago. –Carter Dotson

Mikey Hooks

MikeyHooks_screen-08Mikey Hooks takes the casual speedrun formula of Mikey Shorts and adds grappling hooks for more addictive speedrun fun. Speedfun! –Carter Dotson

Dropcam Pro

dropcamDropcam Pro is an upgrade to the previous model, which we already loved. This new model adds beefier hardware and better software. –Jeff Scott

Device 6

DEVICE_6_03_iphone5-338x600Device 6 is Simogo’s latest masterpiece, a mystifying interactive fiction experience. –Carter Dotson

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone

tweetThe best Twitter app around gets a massive visual overhaul for iOS 7, but is it and its new features worth the paid upgrade to a new app? –Carter Dotson

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