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Construction Simulator 2’s latest update adds more vehicles and features we think you’ll dig

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 6th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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astragon Entertainment have released a new update for its marquee construction sim, Construction Simulator 2, which brings with it a glut of new machines and vehicles to get behind. Available now for both iOS and Android users, becoming the biggest real-estate tycoon based in the Westside Plains just got a little more enticing.

Taking its already impressive licensed vehicle line-up to well over 40, Construction Simulator 2’s big update sees machines from Mack Trucks and MEILLER Kipper enter the fold. This means that as well as manning heavy-duty trucks from well-known makers like Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Kenworth Bell Equipment, STILL and ATLAS, players can now put the pedal to the medal with the Mack Titan tractor truck and MEILLER MHKA semi-trailer to better complete jobs on time.

Dig a little deeper into Construction Simulator 2 when you load it up next, and there’s more to unearth by way of new missions to complete and tasks to carry out. Load, shift, and excavate your way to success by making use of the new machinery that awaits. Those seeking to get their regular forklift fix can also look forward to driving a real STILL® RX60-80 forklift, which now replaces the base model from before.

Construction Simulator 2’s jam-packed update also has a special treat in store for Android players, adding in experimental external game controller support. Simply connect your gamepad to your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be greeted by a cleaned-up game OS, meaning you can keep on trucking uninterrupted.

Dig into all the new construction content, Construction Simulator 2’s latest update is available for iOS and Android now.

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Fight fireballs with more fireballs in the safety of VR with Elemental Combat out now

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 29th, 2017

Elemental Combat is a multiplayer game that challenges you to blast away your foes with fire and various other elements. In VR though, not in real life.

You cast these moves with your real hands though, thanks to motion controls. Think The Last Airbender but far cooler and you're along the right lines.

Each move is based on one of the four different elements of air, earth, water, and fire - each of which has a different strength and weakness. Fire is very offensive, but lacks defence for example.

Selecting your favourite element and developing a playstyle is a huge part of the fun here. By the time you're an expert you'll really feel like your style is unique.

You'll do all of this in two different modes. There's a single player that teaches you the basics before you take them into battle with you in multiplayer.

That serves like an FPS, with you performing moves on your friends to defeat them so you have a higher score by the end.

Elemental Combat took the top prize as Best VR Game at the PGC XR Helsinki Indie Competition, and even ended up as a runner up best XR Game.

So stop wasting time and go and grab Elemental Combat right now on Steam. It's even 10% off right now to celebrate the launch.

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Fight and collect mythological beasts in Phantom Chaser

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 28th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Building a team of RPG heroes has never been so fun thanks to Phantom Chaser, the newest action RPG from FloppyGames. Explore an award-winning fantasy world replete with shiny treasure and epic quests. Phantom Chaser is making its big debut to western audience, giving players worldwide the chance to collect hundreds of mythological monsters and engage in epic battles with friends.

With your personal team of Phantoms in tow, you’ll start your adventure by completing quests in Story mode for true fantasy storytelling action. The fun doesn’t end there, though. Test your Phantoms’ mettle in the Battlefield challenges, where dungeons like the River of Fire, Temporal Rift, and Scalar Tower task you with completing difficult tasks with the promise of crafting materials, treasure, and the chance to upgrade your Phantoms. For those with a competitive streak, you can fight it out with other players in the Arena mode.

Phantom Chaser is ultimately a game about team building. You’ll collect a host of characters from both eastern and western mythological pantheons, including Nine-Tails, Succubus, and Dracula to name but a few. You’re free to build the team that best suits your own strategies. You’ll find Phantoms simply by playing through quests, drawing Summon Tickets, or through crafting.

Each Phantom has a unique role and skills. Find out how to pair these skills with the other Phantoms on your team, and you’ll unlock some truly powerful tactics in battle. You can even level up and upgrade your Phantoms, who will ultimately evolve into new forms, gaining stat boosts and higher-tier skills.

You’re free to put all of that to the test on the battlefield with Phantom Chasers’ active combat. You can control your Phantoms freely, dodging attacks and swooping in to deal blows to your enemies.

Now’s the time to dive into this colorful fantasy world. You can start collecting your own team of Phantoms right now. You can find Phantom Chaser on the App Store and Google Play.

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5 reasons Kingdoms of Heckfire is your next kingdom builder obsession

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 25th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Kingdoms of Heckfire is a brand new kingdom battler by A Thinking Ape, and it's one that aims to make the genre accessible for new players.

But that doesn't mean it's easier or shallower. No, the developer has worked hard to streamline the experience and make it a little more social so you're never alone.

Aside from that, this is the genre as you know and love it. Build stuff, battle enemies, and work with your friends to complete larger goals.

If you're still not convinced, here are five reasons why you really should check it out.

You can play with your friends and they'll actually want to

Lots of games have promised social play with your friends, and then you've gone and pestered them to play and they've just laughed and shook their heads.

Sound familiar? Well, we can safely say that that won't happen with Kingdoms of Heckfire.

The majority of times a friend doesn't want to play with you is because they just don't get the genre like you do. As we mentioned earlier, A Thinking Ape has worked hard to ensure that this one is easy to pick up and play.

So basically, if you can get your friends to shove this on their phone, the game will take care of the rest.

It's got a sense of humour

That's right. Kingdoms of Heckfire is chock full of amusing characters and dialogue that's bound to have you spitting your tea all over your phone. Just keep a tissue handy.

The humour also makes Kingdoms of Heckfire a much friendlier experience overall. That means that anyone can play it really, from the young ones all the way up to your grandparents.

If you like laughing - and don't we all - then Kingdoms of Heckfire is the game for you.

There are loads of dragons, and they're cute

Everyone loves dragons, don't they? Isn't that like the number one reason Game of Thrones is so popular right now? I'd say so.

Guess what else has dragons? Kingdoms of Heckfire! The best part is, they're not scary either. They're adorable dragons that you'd have no problem bringing home to meet your mum.

This alone is a major selling point in Kingdoms of Heckfire. If you haven't downloaded it already, then you probably have no soul.

There's real depth to it

When we said Kingdoms of Heckfire was accessible, we didn't mean lacking in depth. There's an awful lot of that here.

The PvP, for example, can involve literally thousands of players, and require weeks of planning along with your friends. Well, if you want to have a chance of winning that is.

There's a very real feeling that you can have an impact on the world around you in Kingdoms of Heckfire, and that's pretty special.

Clans, clans, and more clans!

There's a huge focus on clan play here, which is all the more reason to bring your friends along for the ride as we mentioned earlier.

You can get some lovely clan gifts just for playing together, and even send rewards to each other to cheer everyone up.

At this point, you're probably well convinced, so head on over to the App Store or Google Play to grab Kingdoms of Heckfire right now.

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Blob gets a new look in Give It Up! 3

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 24th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Blob makes his triumphant return, as Yoozoo Games and Invictus Gaming have joined forces to create Give It Up! 3, the third in a series of delightful action-adventure games featuring our wobbly friend Blob. In this newest adventure, you’ll get to explore colorful worlds and even play against your friends.

Give It Up! 3 features more of the action-adventure excitement you crave, but the latest entry in the series spices things up a bit. The game’s got an improved 3D look featuring five new worlds for you to explore, from the chassis to the jungle, each with their own unique challenges. Once you’ve tired of all of those (we expect it will take you quite some time), dive head first into Give It Up! 3’s new PVP modes. Players can compete against up to seven others in the endless League mode, or fight against another sole competitor in the Arena mode.

Blob’s latest outing also boasts a plethora of new customization features, allowing you to create the Blob you’ve always wanted. You can choose from a number of different Blob styles before dressing your Blob up with a collection of props you’ll find throughout the game, featuring anything from baseball bats to Wolverine claws. Yoozoo is also debuting 12 new skins based on the Chinese Zodiac.

Yoozoo is celebrating the launch with some extra goodies and prizes so now's a perfect time to downloadGive It Up! 3right now from the App Store or Google Play.

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warbot.io wants you for the robot wars

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 22nd, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fans of epic gundam-style battles will find a lot to love in warbot.io, the first game for up and coming developer Wondersquad. The game saw a lot of success when it first launched for browsers and Facebook, and now even more people are getting the chance to see all that this fun new robot battler has to offer. Cross-platform play lets you fight against your friends, no matter what device they’re playing on. Warbot.io hopes to capture the spirit of old-school arcade fun with a modern flare on a large-scale.

To get started, players will choose from five different robot models specializing in a variety of weapon classes including machine guns, cannons, flamethrowers, and shotguns. As you dive into battles, you’ll collect new parts to upgrade your robot’s attack and defense, making way for even deeper battle strategies.

With your robot buddy in tow, it’s time to dive into combat. Players choose from Free for All or Last One Standing gameplay modes, offering different types of matches depending on your mood or personal preference. Not only will you have to figure out how to best defeat your real life opponents, each map is littered with gravity fields, exploding drums, and other obstacles that will force you to think on your feet.

Are you ready to take up arms in the robot wars? Now’s the perfect time to get started in warbot.io. The game’s out right now on iOS and Android.

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Uncover alien mysteries in cross-genre side-scroller Deliria

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 22nd, 2017

If the Alien franchise taught us anything, it’s that landing on a strange planet at the behest of a faceless corporation is probably asking for trouble. And Eldritch Game’s Deliria doesn’t prove otherwise.

In 2107, Dimension LG7 is rich with Delirium, a powerful element which scientists are keen to exploit. You’re tasked with establishing a mining camp, but upon waking from stasis, discover most of your crew has disappeared and interdimensional creatures are crawling your way.

Deliria is a mix of base-building and side-scrolling adventure. Using the limited resources at your disposal, you’ve got to build and upgrade the defences of your base so it can withstand attack. Meanwhile, track down your missing crewmembers (because it would be mean not to) and hire mercenaries to repel the hostile inhabitants. Along the way, you can collect information about Deliria’s history and the fate that befell the previous miners on Dimension LG7. You can also harness some of the dimension’s power to use against the enemy and ensure the survival of your crew.

Deliria is a short side-scroller with base-building and exploration at its heart. Its hand-drawn graphics and 2D animation add a certain retro charm and comes with a great price tag. For a little slice of indie sci-fi, download it from Google Play and the App Store.

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Fight terrible monsters and collect epic loot in Dragon Project

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 17th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: MOBILE MONSTER HUNTER :: Read Review »

Released on Western markets early last month, Dragon Project, created by Japanese developer COLOPL, brings epic monster hunting action to mobile for the very first time. Collect a huge array of weapons and armor, and join up with friends to fight huge monsters in an immensely satisfying monster-slaying bonanza a la Monster Hunter.

Dragon Project brings players to the world of Heiland, a fantasy world overrun by terrible, bloodthirsty monsters. It’s your job to show these creatures who’s boss. As you explore the landscape, rendered in beautiful 3D, you’ll challenge monsters in multiplayer combat, collecting crafting items from your foes to create tougher sets of armor and weapons that allow you to take on even bigger enemies. Dragon Project puts an emphasis on teamwork, allowing players to work together in multiplayer co-op to take down Heiland’s notoriously nasty creatures.

The game is a deep, rewarding experience that’s not without its challenges, but fortunately the game controls like a dream. Dragon Project makes good use of COLOPL’s one-touch controls, enabling players to perform any action in game with just one finger. With the addition of goWrap, a useful feature that grants players easy access to guides, social media, and technical support, Dragon Project is an all-inclusive game that offers impressive levels of accessibility.

You can take up the helm of monster slayer yourself right now -- the game’s available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Lineage II: Revolution is mobile’s biggest MMORPG adventure yet

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 16th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

NCSoft’s hit fantasy MMORPG series has just made the leap to mobile with the help of Netmarble in Lineage II: Revolution. With over 1.5 million players having already pre-registered ahead of the game’s launch, Revolution hit the app stores yesterday and is proving to be the biggest multiplayer experience on iOS and Android.

Lineage II: Revolution offers players a full-scale MMO world full of stunning fantasy landscapes and epic battles and castle sieges. The game revamps its predecessor’s character design system, allowing players to create their own unique hero before joining thousands of others to save the world in story quests, or fighting it out against others in the game’s substantial multiplayer modes.

If you come to MMORPGs, or any other multiplayer game for that matter, for PVP, Revolution has a plethora of options. Choose from 3vs3, 5vs5, 20vs20, or even 50vs50 PVP modes. Each lets you test your prowess as a hero in unique ways, adding hours to an already massive experience.

Lineage II: Revolution has already seen huge success in East Asia, where it quickly hit the top of the App Store charts in South Korea and Japan. Now it’s your turn to experience it all for the first time. Lineage II: Revolution is out now on iOS and Android.

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Swing skilfully in new physics-based platformer OCMO

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 16th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes it’s the most difficult of obstacles that can be the most rewarding. One game hoping to prove this is OCMO, the new tough but fair platformer from developers Team Ocmo. Primed to set every speedrunner’s pulse racing, as an otherworldly black octopus with a hunger for bunnies you’re tasked to swing your way to success.

Launching globally for iOS devices following a successful limited release in other territories, OCMO is aiming to redefine what the hardcore platformer on mobile can be by way of intuitive touch controls. With a setup that gives you great grasp of the titular creature’s tendons, you’ll touch, tap, and swipe your way through many a misty cavern and wobbly woodland in a bid to be the best and claim your prize.

With 80 jam-packed levels full of dangers to dodge and obstacles to overcome, OCMO will take time and dedication to learn, but working your way through the levels is intended to be a reward in itself. An instant respawn mechanic makes light work of letting you replay stages generously quickly, so it’s easy to undertake another run to maintain any established momentum.

OCMO aims to be all about immersing yourself in the movement of the creature, making mastering the game’s mechanics not necessary, but fulfilling. Consider the physics around you, then pull and reach with your tentacles to complete the stages in time and you’ll unlock many hidden secrets and boss fights.

Swing your way to success in physics-based platforming fun. OCMO is available to download for iOS platforms.

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Popular online turn-based battler Gladiator Heroes introduces clans in its new November update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 9th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for Gladiator Heroes – the popular Strategy RPG/city-builder from developer Genera Games – to add more strings to its bow, today it receives its biggest update yet. Aiming to give players a much deeper online experience, from today iOS and Android users can form up and create clans as they continue growing their own Roman empire.

By far one of the most-anticipated features desired by players, the addition of clans within Gladiator Heroes brings with it a new global ranking system based on ‘fame’ point rewards for successful multiplayer battles, along with a dedicated group-wide chat system to better let clans plan and strategize. The top clans at the end of each month will have their efforts rewarded with a slew of never-before-seen prizes.

Though not by any means Gladiator Heroes’ last big update, Genera Games has made a point of listening to and taking onboard player feedback when including such a game-changing system as clans, believing that it will take the game to the next level. Suddenly it’s become more vital than ever to build up your empire, armies, and weapons before taking the action online, especially when touting your own community’s personalised clan shield.

Still boasting the same celebrated turn-based strategy and city-building mechanics almost three million Gladiator Heroes players have come to love, the clans update aims to further bring people together as they continue their efforts to fight back the hoards and defend the ancient realm. Inviting friends to join your clan is a seamless process, with integrated sharing options and a unique clan code generator, and plenty of rewards await for those who do so.

Gladiator Heroes’ new November update is free to download on both Google Play and the App Store now, so why not battle for strength and honour with friends in the game’s new dedicated clan system?

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Questland is an RPG fan’s dream

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 6th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fully customizable characters, exciting multiplayer events on a grand scale, and unbelievable bosses all await you in Questland, Gamesture’s latest first-person RPG adventure. If you haven’t given the game a try yet, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to catch up on what you’ve been missing.

Questland draws the eye with its unique vector graphics that bring your character to life. You’ll create a hero in your own image, customizing everything from hair to facial features. Once character creation is all taken care of, you’re ready to explore all that Questland has to offer. This expansive first-person RPG is filled to the brim with multiplayer quests and events. If crafting’s your bag, there are competitions for that. If you’re looking to embark on quests, Questland has you covered. Or perhaps you’re interesting in epic boss fights? Yep, you can even join others to take down terrible monsters.

As you make a name for yourself in this fantasy world, you’ll collect some pretty amazing gear, too. You can dress your character up in dozens of finely crafted armor sets that will not only beef up your hero, they’ll make you look super cool in the process. Arm yourself with unique weapons including, but certainly not limited to, swords, battle axes, and much more.

There’s always something new to do in Questland. You can join in right now on iOS, though Android users can expect a version on Google Play in the near future.

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MU Origin receives an autumnal patch with updates to pets and PVP

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 27th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Barely a month goes by without the workaholics at Webzen introducing shiny new content to MU Origin. This latest autumnal update continues the trend, with a big old battle, pet perks and temple blessings giving gamers more to play with.

Like the Norse myth of its namesake, Ragnarok is an epic fight, except instead of Odin et al, it’s between you and rival warriors. This massive all-server barney involves players ranked within the top one hundred in the last month, so it’s an exclusive club. If you make the cut, you’ll be fighting for the number one spot over the course of a week – the 10th to the 16th of each month, 3.30pm to 4.30pm server time. Whittle all your opponents away, and you’ll win the epithet MU Origin No.1 and the right to strut round Lorencia like you own the place. For those unsuccessful, there are still prizes for taking part. Ragnarok points are awarded whether you win or lose, and can be used to buy items from the Ragnarok shop.

Aside from solo combat, the update ushers in Guild Temples that grant bonuses to your character. Investing resources into upgrading your temple means the strength of buffs and bonuses improve, so you might want to consider it if you’re looking to gain the edge over rivals. The level cap for guilds has gone up two points to ten, too, so there’s room to grow more powerful in other ways.

If you’ve completed the Faith War quest, you’ll automatically unlock the pet skill system, the next new feature in this latest MU update. Skill slots can be unlocked and upgraded for pets level thirty and above, providing handy buffs to your character. Every time your eligible pets level up another ten times, they’ll unlock an additional skill slot. The skills themselves come in three grades – Rare, Epic and Magic. Your pet can have four active skills at any one time, which could provide a useful stat boost.

There’s also a new Cry Wolf statue in Lorencia you can praise, a new area called Elveland to explore for characters eleven rebirths or higher, plus a couple of minor system improvements thrown in. That’s the low-down on the update, until the next patch in not too long. You can enjoy these additions whilst slaying monsters by downloading MU Origin for free on iOS and Android.

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Run a farm from your mobile in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 26th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for a laid-back alternative to all the war games out there in app land, how about a bright, cheerful farm simulator instead? German developer Goodgame Studios has brought its browser-based Big Farm to the mobile, and the only hacking and slashing you’ll be doing is ploughing your fields.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest begins with your inheriting a sorry swathe of countryside from your uncle George. You can make him proud by turning the plot’s fortune around, building a productive farm and harvesting the fruits of your labour. Helping you do just that are friendly locals Benny and Tessa, along with other colourful characters dedicated to cheering up the land a bit. They’ll issue you with quests and aid you with useful tips along the way.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is strategic, with the priority being sustainable management. You can’t build a thriving farm on shaky foundations, so you have to keep the livestock and farmhands happy, reinvest the profit you make from selling down the market into growth, reuse materials like manure to improve the quality of your soil and output of your harvest. There are a lot of arable balls to juggle, but the game guides you gently along the way. As well as quests, seasonal events will keep you keen. There’s a Halloween party coming up, as well as a Fairytale Festival and farmyard tour to arrange.

If you’re looking for fun farm simulator to relax into, you can download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest for free on Android and iOS.

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3D role-playing and effortless controls combine in Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 25th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

An idle fantasy RPG perfect for those without much time on their hands and only a few minutes to spare, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga is the new iOS and Android game that keep things simple. Single-handed click controls allows all to make the most of the game’s full 3D action with minimal touch, thrusting you into the action on a dragon-slaying quest.

Featuring a near-endless amount of challenges to overcome and plenty of gold to gather within each dungeon, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga aims to be a simple but sizeable experience. What will you be doing with your new-found treasures? Pumping them into any one of the game’s 70 distinct heroes. With so many characters to seek out and grasp, learning each will take time if you’re to rise through the ranks and be the best.

The more higher-powered heroes you gather, the more likely your team is to make light work of your foes and win battles. A refined card collecting/deck system means being able to create the ultimate team, so it pays to upgrade each whenever possible. Even when offline, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s time loop system assures that your strength is always improving, perfectly primed for when you next jump into the game.

Anyone looking for an extra layer of challenge will want to venture forth into Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s dedicated PVP arena battles. Pitting player against player and thus deck against deck, it’s here where you’ll gain a better idea of how you stack up globally. If rounds ever get too heated, a built-in competitor select function helps pairs up those who are equally matched for a fairer fight.

Take a more relaxed approach to your role-playing battles, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga is free to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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