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The seriously addictive Trivia Crack is headed to Apple Watch

Posted by Simon Reed on March 26th, 2015

Etermax has announced that Trivia Crack will be playable from your wrist just as soon as the Apple Watch launches.

In fact, Apple itself requested that Etermax bring its popular quiz app to the Apple Watch after being impressed by its performance in the App Store charts.

Trivia Crack is minimalist by design, which makes it a perfect fit for the App Store’s cozy screen size.

You’ll still be competing with a friend or stranger in one of the six categories of science, entertainment, art, geography, sports and history, to see who has the most trivia knowledge stored inside their head.

A question will pop up on your watch along with a series of answers. It’s up to you to select the right one, then it’s your opponent's turn.

This back and forth continues until the round ends and the player with the most correct answers wins, adding the character associated with that category to their collection.

Yes, Trivia Crack will be fully playable from your Apple Watch so from now on you can leave your iPhone in your pocket where it belongs.

Over 140 million players have downloaded Trivia Crack since launch, and the app currently holds the top spot in the App Store charts in 25 different countries, including Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

You can play right now for free by heading on over to the App Store [download], Google Play [download], Windows Phone Store [download], and the Amazon App Store [download].

Snail Games has officially launched Taichi Panda on iOS and Android

Posted by Simon Reed on March 26th, 2015

Taichi Panda has officially launched on iOS and Android today with an expansion, the Teumessian Update.

Featured in the update is Taichi Panda’s first magic class, Teumessa, the fox mage, who will appeal to those who like fighting from a distance.

The new location, the city of Atlantis, offers higher levelled players the chance to continue the story with three new chapters. The level cap has also been raised so you can continue your progression.

An outfit system has been implemented that allows you to equip new costumes on your characters, changing their visual appearance and increasing their stats.

PvP battlers can now participate in three new modes - Seabed Scramble, a 3v3 domination-style battlefield, Decathlon, an increasingly challenging ten round face-off against opposing challengers for prizes, and Guild Wars, a guild versus guild mode.

The Teumessian update also features a ton of new pets, gear, and systems.

Best described as a dungeon crawling action RPG, Taichi Panda features fast-paced combat, four upgradeable characters, different co-op and PvP modes, and a 12 chapters of single player story.

Taichi Panda has been in soft launch since January but has finally been released in most regions today, along with the Teumessian Update.

It is available now from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] for free.

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Make a splash in My Dolphin Show's new water park themed update

Posted by Simon Reed on March 20th, 2015

Spil Games has recently updated its hit dolphin simulator, My Dolphin Show, with a new water amusement park-themed update that includes a whopping 18 new levels.

The latest version allows you to excite crowds as never before by performing a variety of thrilling new tricks with your favorite dolphin, all while decked out in some brand new costumes.

As if that wasn't enough, you can now take to the water as the trainer herself or even a mermaid and perform a variety of different tricks as a talented aquatic performer.

My Dolphin Show is now featured in the iTunes App Store and offers an excellent challenge for skilful and creative players.

It's best described as a dolphin simulator, and allows you to train up your very own dolphin to perform a variety of tricks and compete in different shows and arenas.

Your clever dolphin can jump through hoops, bash beach balls, and splash the audience itself - that's a real crowd pleaser!

Your dolphin is fully customizable and can be decked out in over 40 different costumes, which includes the two latest additions: the trainer and mermaid.

Head on over to the App Store where My Dolphin Show is available for a mere $1.99.

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Snail Games has announced the Temessian Update for Taichi Panda

Posted by Simon Reed on March 19th, 2015

Snail Games has announced an expansion for Taichi Panda that's set to arrive by the end of March and features a new class, town, and PvP modes.

The expansion, officially titled 'the Teumessian Update', has you travel to the town of Atlantis, where new story chapters, pets, equipment, skills, and an increased level cap await you.

The new character class Teumessa, the Fox Mage, offers a different style of play to the other characters. You'll fight from afar, taking down your opponents with a variety of powerful spells.

If you're into PvP, the new Battlefields and Guild Wars will be of most interest to you, both of which offer something a little different to the traditional modes.

Taichi Panda is an action RPG in which you destroy swarms of monsters as you travel through dungeons, collecting loot and resources and fighting tough bosses.

It's certainly content-rich, featuring a fun combat system, battle pets, upgrades aplenty, and PvP combat.

To discover more about the Teumessian Update, visit the official page or watch the action-packed trailer above.

If you'd like the chance to win some fantastic prizes including an Apple Watch, head on over to the Taichi Panda co-launch event page.

Taichi Panda is free to download from the App Store right now [download] or Google Play soon. The expansion will arrive by the end of March.

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An interesting mix of adventure, RPG, and slot machine, Slot Raiders is out now on iOS and Android

Posted by Simon Reed on March 13th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Collaborating once again with Bridge Constructor's Clockstone Studios, Headup Games has announced an exciting new franchise that could lead to the birth of a new genre.

A slot machine with a different spin, Slot Raiders blends elements of the adventure and RPG genres to create a game that appeals to the vast majority.

In Slot Raiders you head off on an epic adventure through exotic locations during the 19th Century. Your goal is to collect precious metals and legendary treasures in idyllic locations such as rural Japan and the picturesque waters of the Caribbean.

You may even find yourself in the middle of an exciting event in history, such as the Yukon Gold Rush - the possibilities are both endless and thrilling.

An engaging story unfolds as you complete quests for Jim, your personal claim administrator, advisor, and trader who will also help you unlock new claim spots and locations.

Quests involve you finding specific materials to sell to a certain character, and in each location you'll have a sidekick who will give you additional quests.

If you're pressed for time, you can send your pet dog Tracky to play on your behalf and he'll continue adding to your growing collection of riches - he may well even find a bonus treasure!

Rounding out an already content-rich game is a fun mini-game that can earn you extra money on the side. You tap on bushes to see what's behind them to try and find bags or chests full of cash and treasure. Be aware of bears and snakes, though!

Slot Raiders is free to play, so head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get started on your treasure collection right now.

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The first ever action 3D card battler All Star Legion is out now on iOS

Posted by Simon Reed on March 2nd, 2015

On the other hand, you probably haven't played an action 3D card battler - until now. Step forward, All Star Legion.

All Star Legion is a 3D QTE-based action RPG card battler, but fear not - the game itself isn't as convoluted as its description.

You collect over thirty heroes to train and summon into battle with you, first deciding on the timing, combo, and sequence that your heroes will use their skills and then watch the battle takes place.

Rather than just sit there and watch though, you'll participate in QTEs to ensure the effectiveness of each attack - possibly even making them more powerful in the process.

There's a similar system in play during enemy's attacks as well. It's a lot more challenging but you can actually interrupt an enemy's attacks if you're skilled at tap-timing.

Each hero has different strengths and weaknesses, and so are actually more and less effective against different opponents. As a result, it certainly pays to choose the right hero for the right occasion.

They begin with a star level between one and three but can eventually evolve into a five star hero - so be patient with less powerful heroes because they could grow to be your favorites.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get All Star Legion right now for free.

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Witness an all new puzzle mechanic in BlastBall MAX out now on iOS

Posted by Simon Reed on February 27th, 2015

Well, BlastBall MAX is not one of those games and is bucking trends such as timers, elements of randomness, and tacked-on mechanics in favor of pure puzzle gameplay.

When you first boot up the game you'll see a grid made up of squares that are each filled with four circle-shaped holes in it, and some of those holes will have yellow balls sitting in them.

Following me so far?

You have a selection of yellow balls of your own and you can place one at any point on the board.

The goal is to create a row of at least five balls, at which point the balls will be 'blasted', which removes the two outermost balls.

At this point the most interesting mechanic comes into play: the center ball changes color and takes on an entirely new ability that completely changes the dynamic of the game.

There are boosts there for those who are struggling, such as a 'Multiplier Maximiser' that increases your multiplier to the maximum if you blast a row with eight balls in it.

With over 90 missions to complete, the game is full to the brim with content and totally warrants the premium price tag. This is one puzzle game where it totally pays to, um, pay.

Follow the link to the App Store [download] to get started on your BlastBall Max adventure right now.

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Action RPG League of Angels - Fire Raiders will launch globally on mobile soon

Posted by Simon Reed on February 26th, 2015

Gaia is being invaded by the Devil Prince and the demonic Devil Army at his disposal, and it's up to you and your avatar to defeat him in League of Angels - Fire Raiders.

Raise a mighty army from hundreds of recruitable angel heroes and take the fight to the Devil Prince as you endeavor to liberate the lands of Gaia.

The very best gear will be made available to your avatar and heroes, which can be enhanced via socketable gems.

Your avatar will level-up on its journey to become the finest leader the land of Gaia has ever seen and you can customize it to fit your desired playstyle.

The base of your operations is a castle that must be defended at all costs - bolster its defenses by casting potent magic spells.

Guilds full of allies can be created or joined and you can battle against fellow or opposing players in local or cross-server arena wars.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders is all set for global launch in the App Store and Google Play soon. Head on over to the official Facebook page and hit 'Like' to be the first to know when a date is revealed, and visit the official website for further information.

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Celebrate the third anniversary of King’s Empire in-game with events hosted throughout February

Posted by Simon Reed on February 13th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tap4Fun have announced a series of in-game events throughout February to celebrate King’s Empire’s third anniversary since launching in the App Store and Google Play in 2012.

The events have already started, with a heroes show-off kicking things off at the beginning of February.

A ‘Big Boss Battle’ event began on the 11th and is set to end on Friday the 13th. In this exciting event a player is turned into an enormous boss and it’s up to other players from all servers to team up and take the boss down.

The full festivities start on the 12th but Tap4Fun are keeping quiet about exactly what’s to come. It’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of King’s Empire you’ll definitely want to see what all of the fuss is about.

Also starting on the 12th is a Valentine’s Day event so if your other half hasn’t started playing, now is the best time to get them to start.

King’s Empire is an online free to play strategy game on iOS and Android.

The objective is to take control of as many city states and villages as possible, in order to build an empire big enough to take on your opposing players.

Units can be fully customised to suit any playstyle and you can strengthen them further with the use of dark magic.

Now is the best time to get started with King’s Empire if you haven’t played it before. There’s plenty to get involved in for old hands and newcomers alike throughout February so head on over to the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] to check it out.

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World of Tanks Blitz has been invaded by the British in its first major update

Posted by Simon Reed on January 28th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Wargaming's award-winning mobile tank battler, World of Tanks Blitz, has been updated with an all new map and a selection of British tanks. Update 1.6 launched on iOS and Android on the 21st of January.

The British line includes nine iconic British tanks from throughout history. Recognisable names include the Churchill, Black Prince, Conqueror, and the FV214b.

Wargaming wouldn't expect you to blow up all these new tanks on familiar terrain, though. A brand new map called Castilla was included in the update.

World of Tanks Blitz launched back way back in December 2014 as the mobile version of the popular PC hit, World of Tanks. The latest update represents the first major release since the game's launch.

There has been an explosion of interest in World of Tanks Blitz. Since launch, the game has been installed on over 5 million iOS and Android devices. With a current Quality Index rating of 8.5, World of Tanks Blitz has also been a complete critical success.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] and get started on your tank warfare career entirely for free.

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K-POP stars target the App Store in the very first mobile game/movie Cinema Game: RAGE

Posted by Simon Reed on January 27th, 2015

Ever been watching a movie and just wished that you could reach out and interact with it? Maybe change the devastating plot twists or beat the bad guy yourself? Well, the Korean content creation company SYOBE Creative has listened to those desires and created the very first mobile game/movie, Cinema Game: RAGE.

Several huge names in the Korean entertainment industry have already attached themselves to the project. Fans may recognize popular and famous actors such as Jeong Eun-Chae, Lee Ju-Seung, and Lee Ki-Young, as well as K-POP stars Seo Kang-Joon and Gong Myung of 5urprise fame, and Nara of the group HelloVenus.

The movie itself has been really well-shot but the best part about it is that you can physically interact with it at key moments, such as swiping or tapping to ensure the on-screen character avoids obstacles or choosing which direction a motorbike will turn during a driving section. One section that looked particularly fun was a Dance Dance Revolution-style rhythm action sequence during which you press left-right button at the right time to win a game.

Cinema Game: RAGE is essentially a collection of mini-games and quick-time events played in real-time as you watch a movie. The plot also sounds intriguing, taking the form of a mystery thriller. Gio is a university student who lives with his miserable older brother, a blogger who sees the future in his dreams. When his brother disappears, it's up to Gio to discover exactly what has happened.

Interactive books and comics have been successfully adapted to video game devices before, so why not movies? You could argue that Telltales' efforts are the closest thing but we've never seen a fully-shot interactive movie game before. SYOBE Creative developed its own technologies in order to achieve this, successfully integrating full motion video and action streaming video technologies. They applied patent for their very own pattern processing technology which was used during the development of the game's user interface and streaming videos.

Cinema Game RAGE is available now on Google Play [download] and the App Store [download].

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Etermax has launched highly addictive Trivia Crack in the UK with localised questions

Posted by Simon Reed on January 22nd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Trivia Crack was launched with brand new content for the UK audience yesterday by Etermax.

As the name suggests, Trivia Crack is a highly addictive quiz game in which you test your knowledge against friends in six categories: science, entertainment, art, geography, sports, and history. When you successfully beat a friend you unlock that category's corresponding character. To be crowned the ultimate king of trivia you'll have to pull off the feat of unlocking all six.

Trivia Crack has taken the US iTunes and Google Play charts by storm since launching in that market last year, wrestling the top spot off huge apps such as Candy Crush Soda Saga. The app has been downloaded by a whopping 100 million users in over 22 countries. That's around 800 thousand daily downloads since launch.

The brand new UK version launched yesterday on the 21st of January and includes tons of new questions aimed at UK residents. The subject matter of the questions is varied though they're consistently hilarious. Examples include: "Which magazine greeted the birth of Prince George with the front page headline, 'WOMAN HAS BABY'?", "Which footballer is known for the phrase 'Why always me?'?", "Who would Cheryl Cole want to be reborn as?", and "What's the unusual name of Sienna Miller's baby?".

If you live in the UK, you really have no reason not to check out the highly addictive Trivia Crack – especially when all your friends are playing it. Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play Store [download] to download the relaunched version.

Soft Design aims to do free-to-play right with Money Mine: Clicker [Sponsored Feature]

Posted by Simon Reed on December 23rd, 2014

They say a team is only as big as its fans and that's also certainly the case with video games, judging from the sales certain AAA 'heavyweights' get year-after-year. Soft Design took that principle as a core design philosophy and worked closely with their brand new game's growing community. Money Mine: Clicker is the game and a full reset has been announced on iOS and Android with this fan feedback in mind.

Money Mine: Clicker is set in the Wild West during the period of the gold rush and tasks you with running your own (hopefully) growing township. There are buildings and upgrades to purchase, and you'll afford these by entering the nearby mines and going tap-crazy on a bunch of valuable rocks. If you're lucky, you may also stumble upon an ancient artifact left behind by a former native, or even stumble across an insanely valuable gem.

The updated version includes a few gameplay improvements, 25 unique buildings, 200 types of rock, 400 skill levels, and a world ranking system. Santa Claus has also made an appearance and the little town has been decorated for Christmas - so this is as perfect a time as any to get involved.

Free-to-play is the 'in' monetization scheme of choice nowadays and it's easy to see why. When there's a sheer abundance of games, you may only have the time to try one and downloading something for free is a much smaller commitment than dropping your precious earnings on it. Dylan Swan, Director of Soft Design, always had this scheme in mind when developing the game.

Swan said: "We always knew that the game will be free-to-play but there are in-app purchases. I think that the future belongs to free-to-play and we don’t even consider developing premium games. Gamers should clearly understand what they're paying for and why. That’s exactly what happens in Money Mine: Clicker. We like to consider it as a gentle monetization scheme."

Money Mine: Clicker drew inspiration from previously popular mobile tapping games due to their highly fun and addictive nature.

"We were inspired by Cookie Clicker. This game became popular in 2013 and after that tapping games became popular for mobile devices. I was a huge fan of it."

The gold rush is a perfect time period to set a game based primarily on mining in, but there are some other terrific time periods that the game could easily have taken place in.

"Money Mine: Clicker could take place in any real-life location where there is mining or in any fictional place. For example, events of the game may develop in Africa, Russia, or India. We have chosen Wild West because it is associated with lots of legends, stories, and movies. Gold mining in the Wild West is a historical fact and a highly popular theme. We chose it because it makes sense."

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get Money Mine: Clicker now.

Indulge in Japanese cuisine in Cooking Fever's new sushi-themed update

Posted by Simon Reed on December 19th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Lithuanian developer Nordcurrent has yet again updated its restaurant simulator and time management game, Cooking Fever; this time with a sushi-themed restaurant and brand new gameplay mechanics.

Cooking Fever is causing quite the sensation after being downloaded by 9 million players since launch, topping charts on its way. What it is, is a time-management game set in a variety of themed restaurants in which you cook world foods using over 100 different ingredients.

Adding to the Bakery, Fast-Food, Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Breakfast, and Seafood-themed levels is a brand new Sushi restaurant that contains new game mechanics. You'll be rolling a variety of sushi, you see, combining different flavors and condiments.

The restaurant environment itself is very authentic and the cabinets for sushi storage offers new functionality. The difficulty here stems from, well, the same difficulty with making real sushi. You have to balance speed with accuracy to ensure that not only the sushi tastes great but that it's served with trademark speed. Those customers don't like waiting, folks.

Android fans need not feel left out much longer - an Android version is expected to follow in the first quarter of next year and a whole new Paradise Island-themed map containing plenty of new restaurants will arrive soon after.

Head on over to the App Store [download] to get the full sushi experience right on your iPhone in Cooking Fever.

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Get into the festive spirit with Santa dolphin in My Dolphin Show's latest update

Posted by Simon Reed on December 12th, 2014

Spil Games has updated its fun dolphin trick simulator, My Dolphin Show, with an amusement park-themed fourth world and it's live now on iOS.

My Dolphin Show stars you as a dolphin trainer who teaches the intelligent animals how to perform skillful tricks so that they can compete in shows and arenas. Leap through hoops, header beach balls, and splash the audience with your cute little friend.

The new update takes you and your dolphin to an amusement park-themed world, featuring a free-fall tower, roller coasters, and even a Ferris wheel. This exciting new world contains a whopping 18 new levels to keep you busy - consider yourselves spoiled.

Four new costumes include a French fry, rocket dolphin (which leaves a trail of smoke when you leap out of the water), ghost dolphin, and cheerleader dolphin - bringing the total number over an impressive 40.

Spil Games have hinted at plans to bring a water world-themed park in the future, which will no doubt feature a whole host of new levels, tricks, and costumes.

Check out the trailer below for a look at the game in action and, if you like what you see, head on over to the App Store [download] to start training your little dolphin right away.

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