We’ve come up with a number of feeds and services to help you make the most of this site. Feeds include all of the Top 148 lists that we create, there’s a Open Search plugin for Firefox, widgets for your site, and then there are our social subscriptions where you can follow and connect with us.


We’ve got a whole bunch of feeds. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Our Main Feed – Reviews and News
All The Latest Price Drops
Newest App Store Additions

Top 148 Free Applications
Top 148 Free Games
Top 148 Paid Applications
Top 148 Paid Games

App Store URL Shortening Service

Links to apps in iTunes are way too long. They don’t even fit in a Twitter message. We’ve got a service to help you shorten them to just 26 characters. It’s much easier to refer to apps like this:


or this:


Check it out here: http://148apps.com/app.

Social Sites

We’ve set up ways on a few of the social sites that you can use to connect and follow us including:

Twitter – Normal
Twitter – All Price Drops

Search Plugin

To install our search plugin in Firefox, go up to your search box which is usually near to location bar in the upper right of the browser. Select the drop down menu and look for a line that says “Install ‘App Store Search'”. Select that and follow the prompts to install the search plugin. From now on you can search the iTunes App Store directly from your browser search box.