Knights Chronicle guide - Everything you need to know about the July 11 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 12th, 2018
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Just when we thought Knights Chronicle couldn’t get any better, Netmarble released yet another content update, coming just six days after the huge 1.1 patch. While this update isn’t quite as significant as the one that came before it, there are still some neat things to dig into here.

The main focus of this update is heroes, but there’s also a new event that’s been added. Check out details on all of these things below.

The new heroes

On top of Morrigan, Claude, and Kali from the 1.1 update, this new update adds yet another three heroes: Jacqueline, Edwin, and Taiyo. Each are unique in their own way and can add some new dimension to team building strategies in the arena and PvE scenarios.

Jacquelin is a hybrid type wind fighter that excels through team synergy, as most of her abilities focus on dealing extra damage to enemies if they are affected by an abnormal status. Edwin is an attack type light character that works best through strategic ability usage. He seems like a great, flexible fighter even though he isn’t exactly an offensive powerhouse. Taiyo is an attack type water character that seems incredibly powerful, but he is only obtainable from completing his advent dungeon, which is extremely difficult.

Hero comparison

With these new heroes and the heroes that came just six days ago, you may be asking yourself which ones to try and go for. After plenty of experimentation, arena fights, and online research, it seems like the general consensus is that some of the core SSRs are still the top tier characters, with Morrigan and Claude from the 1.1 update being close seconds.

Currently, Cain, Ruby, and Rue are all still probably the best heroes in game, primarily because of their ability to sustain themselves while wreaking havoc on their opposition. Morrigan is also top pick because she can deal massive amounts of damage and is incredible in PvE. Claude is similarly great because he has great abilities for nullifying damage for the rest of your team, making him the new top tier defensive character in the game.

Haspiel Assault

Aside from some new heroes, this latest update to Knights Chronicle adds a new multiplayer dungeon known as Haspiel Assault. Although this dungeon is rated pretty low in terms of difficulty, it can be quite tricky (check out our guide for tips on how to beat it here).

This event is a nice new addition because it gives players a new currency to earn for prizes. By collecting Haspiel horns, you can trade them in for all sorts of goodies, including an SSR hero, Britten.

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