Knights Chronicle guide - Everything you need to know about the 1.1 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 11th, 2018
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Last week, a huge new update dropped for Knights Chronicle that shook just about everything up. There’s new heroes, new missions, and all sorts of other goodies to sink your teeth into.

With all of these changes, it might be kind of difficult to know exactly what is better or worse just by looking at things on the surface, so let’s take a deep dive into the 1.1 update for Knights Chronicle, shall we?

New heroes

Probably the most exciting change to Knights Chronicle in this update is the reveal of three new heroes. There’s Kali, the wind assassin, Claude, a defensive juggernaut, and Morrigan, the berserk samurai. It’s probably no surprise to hear that all of these heroes are extremely powerful, but the good news is that none of them seem so incredibly powerful that they make your old heroes feel obsolete.

Currently, Knights Chronicle has an event going on that increases your chances to summon Claude and Morrigan using gems, but you have to clear a special, super-difficult Advent dungeon to get Kali.

Summon rewards

Another exciting development in Knights Chronicle’s 1.1 update is the addition of summon rewards. No longer will you have to summon heroes continuously with no guarantee of the hero you want.

Now, if you summon up to ten times on a given banner (which would cost 2000 gems), you can get a hero ticket that lets you choose any four star hero you want, including SSR heroes. If that weren’t enough, there are also other rewards like gold and essences you can get for summoning repeatedly now as well.

New story missions

If you had already blasted through all of Knights Chronicle's story missions and were looking for more, then this 1.1 update bears good news. There’s a whole new adventure arena that contains 10 new levels across three different difficulties.

Although in our review, we weren’t enamored with any of Knights Chronicle’s storytelling, it’s always fun to have new stuff to do. It also helps that all of these levels give out some great rewards like gems and essences upon completion and can help you rebuild your stamina quickly.

Other changes

On top of all of these huge changes to Knights Chronicle, there are a few smaller updates as well, most of which are really great. For instance, you can now purchase additional stamina using Pal Points, transform runes into other runes, and you can now face different opponents when you get defeated in the PvP arena without paying gold.

There are also a huge number of small quality of life tweaks that generally make the game run smoother and feel easier to navigate. For a full list of these changes, see here.

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