The Twins in Terraria are playing out the Eye of Cthulhu’s evil twin fantasy. The Twins are the more difficult Hardmode version of Eye of Cthulhu. They are grouped with the other two mechanical bosses – The Destroyer and the Skeletron Prime, forming the mechanical trio in Hardmode.

The Twins are basically two Eyes of Cthulhu bound by a piece of string. The upper one ( with the red iris) is Retinazer and the lower twin (with the green iris) is Spazmatism.

How to summon The Twins in Terraria

Summoning the Twins is not that hard of a task. You can summon the Twins in one of the two ways:

  • · Smash a Crimson Altar or Demon Altar.
  • · Use a Mechanical Eye.

To craft a Mechanical Eye, you need three lens, six Souls of Light, and Iron bars (Lead bars would also do). You can make a Mechanical Eye from these items at an Orichalcum Anvil or Mythril Anvil.

Defeating the Twins in Terraria

The best and the most used strategy is to finish off one Twin at a time. You can either go for the Retinazer first or the Spazmatism.

The Retinazer shoots laser beams at you. Initially, these laser shots travel slowly making them slightly easier to dodge. But be careful of this as the slow speed is compensated by higher accuracy. After its health drops below 2/5th, the laser beams will come at you more frequently. Occasionally, Retinazer will charge at you, so stay aware.

Spazmatism shoots cursed flames that deal high damage. However, the flames can be dodged easily. Unlike Retinazer, Spazmatism will charge at you frequently. In the second phase, the Spazmatism goes absolutely bonkers. It starts emitting a stream of Cursed Flames and charges faster.

When its HP falls below 2/5 the Twins will start showing their nasty colours. Remember that each of the Twins will enter into the second (nastier) phase separately. So, if Retinazer’s health drops to 2/5th, it will enter the second phase. But if Spazmatism hasn’t lost much health, it will remain in its initial phase.

Best Weapons, Armor, and set up to defeat the Twins

To defeat the Twins, try getting your hands on a ranged hardmode weapon. Bow and arrows might help. The fight will be much harder with a melee weapon.

Shielding yourself from all the lasers and flames is also important. Put on the best armor you have. Try to get wings or Hermes Boots to increase your mobility.

Finally, all your arena needs is a long platform (maybe, two) to go up or down so you can dodge the lasers.

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