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PUBG New State crosses 40 million pre-registrations

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 18th, 2021

PUBG New State has received over 40 million pre-registrations on both Android and iOS, Krafton has recently announced. The futuristic, sci-fi PUBG Mobiletitle is all set to launch later this year, in October.

COD Mobile: The 5 best SMGs in the game

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 17th, 2021

COD Mobile is often lauded for its vast array of weapons and elaborate customization. With every update, the guns get some kind of nerfs or buffs. Regardless of that, SMGs remain popular with players for close to mid-range combat.

Fortnite Season 8: A guide to Sideways Encounters

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 15th, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is live and players have already started exploring the island once again. This time, giant purple cubes (Kevin the Cube) have been scattered all over the place. The cubes are entrances to a new place known as Sideways.

So, what are Sideways? Simply put, Sideways are essentially an alternate universe loaded with Cube Monsters. The place defies gravity, has minimal shelters and can be accessed via a portal.

Top 5 upcoming shooters like PUBG Mobile

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 14th, 2021

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is one of the top battle royale shooters of all time on mobile. Ever since PUBG was launched on mobile, battle royale games have seen good days. COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite are equally big names.

Arguably, battle royale and FPS is a very saturated genre. However, this year and 2022 might see a lot of new titles making their way to the shooter category. Some of them might blow up enough to give even PUBG Mobile a run for its money.

Fortnite Season 8: Everything you need to know

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 13th, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is about to drop and Epic Games revealed an exciting story trailer along with an equally exciting battle pass video.

The new Fortnite season is called ‘Cubed’. Considering the prominence given to blue cube in Operation Sky Fire, the name is not very surprising.

PUBG Mobile: 5 best drop locations in Miramar

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 12th, 2021

Miramar was the second map that was added to PUBG Mobile. Initially, the large 8x8 desert did not go down well with players with several avoiding the large battlefield altogether. Unlike Erangel, Miramar is very wide and spread out with fewer places to hide.

Interestingly, the map does not have many vehicle spawns, making it difficult to quickly travel across it. It is very likely that while you gear yourself up, the safe zone will start shrinking.

The 5 best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile 2021

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 10th, 2021

Weapons and their elaborate customization are some of the top reasons that make COD Mobile a popular game. Call of Duty Mobile is loaded with weapons. There are Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, LMGs, and every other imaginable weapon, can be found in COD Mobile.

Assault Rifles are relatively easy to use. They do not have a lot of recoil and are generally quite balanced. Typically, ARs are used for close to medium-range combat. However, some great ARs are also suitable for long-range gunfights.

PUBG: New State - Everything we know so far

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 8th, 2021

Krafton, the studio behind the popular shooter PUBG Mobile, is currently working PUBG: New State, a new entry in the popular battle royale series. Globally, the game has already surpassed 32 million registrations, which is impressive considering this does not include potential players from India, China, and Vietnam.

Free Fire's Moco Special Event starts later this week

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 7th, 2021

Moco is one of the most used characters in Free Fire and now the character will receive her own in-game event. The event, Moco: Rebirth, will be dropped into the game on September 10th.

The event will unveil Moco's awakened avatar. Obviously, this awakening will be accompanied by some exciting rewards and exclusive items in the shop. The event will also see Moco meeting up with an old friend who then guides her to her awakened version.

Clash Royale's upcoming update might be huge for the game

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 3rd, 2021

Supercell, the creator behind Clash Royale, has uploaded a teaser blog post that promises some exciting changes.

Right now, it’s unclear what these changes will be. But we do know that the changes will be focused on higher-level players and gameplay. They also added that they would be changing the gameplay in “ways we’ve never done/seen before.” This hints towards some massive changes.

Brendan Greene officially leaves PUBG Corp to start independent firm

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 1st, 2021

Brendan Greene, famously known as PlayerUnknown, has announced his departure from PUBG Corp. The creative genius behind PUBG has decided to start an independent game studio in the Netherlands.

Hearthstone’s new mode Mercenaries negates decks completely

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 1st, 2021

Hearthstone has revealed its brand-new game mode, Mercenaries. Interestingly, the renowned card game has decided to drop decks altogether for the new mode. Mercenaries will instead be an RPG that includes Warcraft characters and a non-Warcraft character.

Legends of Runeterra's latest update will see urgent nerfs to Shurima and Ionia ahead of the World Championships

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on August 31st, 2021

Last week, Legends of Runeterra received the Beyond the Bandlewood update. This expansion added around 126 cards to the game. As you'd expect, players figured out some powerful decks and strategized accordingly.

However, the dev, Riot has decided to do some quick fixes. Some of the cards will receive nerfs in an impending update. Powerful cards from Shurima and Ionia in particular will get hit by the nerfs.

League of Legends: Wild Rift's Origin Series Championship will take place in Stockholm

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on August 27th, 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series has finally been announced including a venue, dates, and all the other details. Riot Games announced that the Championship will be hosted in Stockholm in Sweden.

The mobile esport series is Riot’s first attempt in the mobile scene, following years of success with the PC version of the game. Riot Games had already announced the Origin Series way back in May this year.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced they will keep some of the changes made during the pandemic

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on August 26th, 2021

After much nagging, requests, and Twitter hashtags, Pokemon Go dev Niantic has decided to retain some of the exclusive features added for the COVID 19 pandemic. The developer took to Twitter to share its decision.