Genshin Impact Guide - What you need to know about the 1.1 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 9th, 2020
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The time is almost here for Genshin Impact to get its first significant update since launch. There's a lot to look forward to once the game hits 1.1, and we've got you covered on what to expect out of it.

Read on below to learn a bit more about what is coming to Genshin Impact when it updates this week.

When is it coming?

The big update is planned to release on Veterans Day, November 11, 2020.

New characters

As is the case with most gacha games, a new update means new characters. For the 1.1 update, we can expect to see a pair of characters from the tail end of Genshin Impact's story so far as well as a couple of new faces.

Zhongli, the charmingly broke funeral parlor consultant, and Childe, one of the Fatui Harbingers, are likely to be the two five-star banner characters for this update. Zhongli is rumored to be a Geo element polearm-user and Childe is said to be a Hydro element bowman.

There will also be some new four-star characters in the form of Diona and Xinyan. Diona promises to be a Cryo archer while Xinyan looks to be a Pyro Claymore user.

Check out our pull guide to see if you should roll for these new characters.

More story?

As part of the 1.1 update, it's rumored that the storyline that currently leaves you hanging in Liyue gets a resolution. Beyond that, it is unclear if additional story missions are planned for this update.

New Items

To make Genshin Impact a little more convenient, miHoYo is apparently adding some in-game items that mostly serve to reduce tedium.

For example, this update will allegedly add a portable teleporter and cooking fire that you can place in spots of your choosing. Similarly, there will be items that make finding any remaining Anemoculus and Geoculus much easier. Other items rumored to be coming to the game are a bottle that can store gusts of Anemo energy (which you can then release to use on Anemo puzzles or to gather Dandelion Seeds), and a food pack, which allows for you to easily and quickly manage your Adventurer's food consumption.

To get these items, it's likely you'll have to raise your reputation level in certain areas of the game. To learn more about reputation, read on below.

Reputation System

Perhaps the biggest change to Genshin Impact in version 1.1 is a new reputation system, which gives players a new treadmill to grind along. Each region in the game (currently just Mondstadt and Liyue) will now have their own reputation levels that you can raise by completing bounties and general exploration.

Apparently, as you raise your reputation level with a region, you'll then get some region-specific benefits like discounts from shops, new food recipes, and convenient items that make exploring in Teyvat a little bit easier.

Other things

    • Resin, the primary gating currency for Genshin Impact is rumored to increase its cap from 120 total resin to 160.
    • Speaking of free characters, apparently four-star healer Barbara will be available to all players after hitting Adventure Rank 18 in Genshin Impact version 1.1.
    • New enemies and areas are said to be added in this update, but don't expect a whole new region yet.
    • Free Wish: Players who use the code GENSHIN1111 once 1.1 comes out will receive 160 Primogems. The only catch is players must be above Adventure Rank 10 to redeem.

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