Genshin Impact Guide - Everything you need to know about the Elemental Crucible Event

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 14th, 2020
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Genshin Impact has unveiled its first of what we can expect to be many special events and ongoing content updates. This latest update adds the Elemental Crucible Event. This event is available to any players that have reached Adventure Rank 20, have completed the Prologue, and completed a minor new quest from Timaeus that introduces the event itself.

Read on below for more info about how this event works and if you should take it on.

What is it?

The Elemental Crucible is a true multiplayer event where four players match up together to fuel an alchemical engine with elemental clots. Basically what this means is you fight enemies that are constantly spawning in, gather items they drop, and turn them in at a central location.

The goal of the event is to drop enough clots into the elemental crucible within a certain amount of time. If you're able to do so, you win and are granted the opportunity to spend resin to get Adventurer's Experience. Completing the Elemental Crucible also contributes to a new Alchemy Handbook and achievements for your Battle Pass.

Tips and strategy

The Elemental Crucible is not particularly difficult. The event timer is set at 15 minutes and after several clears I haven't had a single run take more than five. It's worth noting that I also don't have any S-tier adventurers and this includes an instance where the event bugged out on me and I wasn't able to contribute any elemental clots to the crucible for my team.

Simply make sure you have a character that has been ascended at least once, fight carefully to make sure you don't die, and make sure to gather and deposit clots. Also keep in mind that you will automatically join the event with your active character once you initiate the event, so make sure you're controlling the right person before matching.

On clot gathering: Clots come in different element types (displayed as different colors), and you can carry multiple clots of the same type at once. If you try to carry two clots of different elements together, they destroy each other, so be careful not to do that.

Where is it?

The Elemental Crucible is located in the middle of the Thousand Winds Temple at the base of Starsnatch Cliff (on your map these locations are toward the northeast corner of the currently available areas). You won't see the Elemental Crucible automatically, though. As mentioned previously, a new questline has been added to the game that you need to complete before unlocking the event.

You can begin this quest in Mondstadt with Timaeus, who is the man that hangs out behind the alchemy crafting station. After speaking with him, he sends you on a quest that leads you to the event location, which will then become a pinned location on your map.

Should I do it?

The Elemental Crucible is a strange event because the completion rewards aren't that compelling given the resin cost, but the rewards from the Alchemy Handbook and Battle Pass are. Luckily, you can just do runs of the Elemental Crucible without spending resin on the rewards and progress both the Handbook and Battle Pass. This can then free up your resin for all of the elite boss fights and other things you might want to do during the event period.

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