Genshin Impact - Marvelous Merchant Event Explained

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 1st, 2020
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We're month since Genshin Impact's initial release, and we're already here at our second event. The Marvelous Merchant event has already been underway for two days and we have just the info you need to complete this silly scavenger hunt each day.

The Marvelous Merchant event is essentially a new daily quest that consists of three steps: find the mysterious merchant, give him what he wants, and pick a prize. This guide will keep track of each day's locations, what is being asked for, and the prizes that can be redeemed. Read on below to check them out.

Day One

Location: They mysterious Liben is reported to appear inside Mondstadt. You can find him by wandering around the free city, but if you want to head straight to him he's off to the right just as you cross the main entrance.

Items to Gather: Liben asks for ten mushrooms from you. This is absolutely worth it and it's likely you already have plenty. If not, try looking around the base of trees while exploring and you should find them soon enough.

Prize: Prizes are different depending on which box you choose. On this day I chose the pyro box and received 30 Primogems, 4 Hero's Wit, and a bunch of Mora.

Day Two

Location: Liben moved to another town: Springvale. You can find him by following the path and veering off to the east before the pass. He's hanging out by a merchant stand, naturally.

Items to Gather: Again, Liben's asks are pretty modest: 10 pinecones. Also super easy and super worth it. You can find them essentially the same way you find mushrooms.

Prize:This time I chose the hyrdo box and received 3 Adventurer's Experience, 3 Hero's Wit, and 30 Primogems.

Day Three

Location: Liben is hanging out in front of Dawn Winery today. He's super easy to spot out front on the promenade.

Items to Gather: Liben keeps asking for easy stuff. This time 10 berries. Should be no problem for most experienced adventurers. If not, wander out behind Dawn Winery and there should be a few bushes with three berries each on them.

Prize: Today I redeemed the anemo box and got eight Mystic Enhancements, 30 Primogems and 20,000 Mora. Pretty sweet deal for such an easy challenge!

Day Four

Location: The hint for Liben's location on day four says he's near Stone Gate, and he's pretty easy to find since he's right near the teleporter at Stone Gate. Find him hanging out on the wooden deck overlooking the water just to the west of the teleport point.

Items to Gather: You'll need 10 Sunsettias for Liben today, which is yet another somewhat easy task. Sunsettias hang off trees all over Teyvat, so it's likely you'll already have 10 or more in your inventory.

Prize: I chose the black box in the lower-right of the prize box arrangement and received 30 Primogems and three sets of three character ascension materials: Teachings of "Resistance," Teachings of "Freedom," and Teachings of "Ballad."

Day Five

Location: Liben is hanging out near Wangshu Inn. Keep in mind he's not up at the top of the stairs in the inn proper (which would be conveniently near the Teleport Point). Instead, he's at the base of the stairs that lead up to the inn.

Items to Gather: Liben wants 10 apples from you on day five. It really seems like he's not going to ask for much more than super common items you should have boatloads of. If you need some apples, just check a few trees until you find some.

Prize: On day five, I chose the green box and got 30 Primogems, 6 Fine Enhancements, and 6 Mystic Enhancements.

Day Six

Location: Even though your Battle Pass only says to find Liben five times, you can still find him and claim rewards on day six (and presumably seven). Today, Liben seems to be making his way down to Liyue and can be found just north of the city, conveniently located near Teleport Point in that area.

Items to Gather: Liben needs 10 carrots today, which can easily be sourced by Dawn Winery if you don't already have a bunch in your inventory.

Prize: For today, I chose the electro box, which granted me some talent leveling materials (three each of Teachings of Prosperity, Diligence, and Gold) and 30 more Primogems.

Day Seven

Location: As predicted, Liben has finally made his way down to Liyue on the seventh and final day of his Marvelous Merchant event. Finding him is a little tricky though, as Liyue is a pretty big city. Luckily, he's pretty close to the northernmost Teleport Point within the city. Just warp there, drop down off the railing to the north, and voila, there he is.

Items to Gather: I kept waiting for Liben to ask for something rare, but he just didn't. On the final day, Liben wants 10 radishes, which are littered all over Teyvat.

Prize: There's no special bonus for collecting all of Liben's boxes, but this last prize was pretty good. In the only box left for me was 30 more Primogems and 40,000 Mora.

Check back in tomorrow for Liben's next location, set of items, and prizes!

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