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Genshin Impact Guide - What you need to know about the 1.1 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 9th, 2020

The time is almost here for Genshin Impact to get its first significant update since launch. There's a lot to look forward to once the game hits 1.1, and we've got you covered on what to expect out of it.

Read on below to learn a bit more about what is coming to Genshin Impact when it updates this week.

Hey Yous Mugs, Here's How to Score Some Free Loot in Mario Italiano Four Families

Posted by Rob Rich on May 15th, 2015
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: COLORFUL CARDS :: Read Review »

Last year, Jennifer Allen sat down to have a chat with Booya Squad about the trials and tribulations they've had to deal with in bringing Mario Italiano Four Families to the App Store. Now the game is finally out, and the developer wants to give 148Apps readers some free loot.

Playing Dungeon Link and Want Some Free In-Game Stuff? We've Got You Covered

Posted by Rob Rich on April 28th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you've been enjoying Dungeon Link, or even if you've just been thinking about trying it out, then check this out. We've got a special code straight from GAMEVIL that will net you 10,000 Gold and 3 Normal summons for free.

All you need to do is follow the redemption instructions below and enter the code 148APPS1. Easy, right? Just remember that this code will only work on the US server (sorry non-US gamers), and that it's only valid through May 4.

How to redeem:

  • Select Settings (gears icon) in the upper right hand corner of the home screen.
  • Select "Notice" in the bottom left column.
  • Select the "Enter Your Promo Code Here" banner.
  • Enter your code (148APPS1).
  • Return to home screen and select Mailbox (envelope icon in upper right hand corner) to claim your items.


Here's How You Can Get 5 Free Pro Drafts in MLB Perfect Inning 15

Posted by Rob Rich on April 17th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It's only been a couple of days since Gamevil released MLB Perfect Inning 15, so building up a decent roster could still take a little time. If you'd like to speed things up a bit, then we've got a deal for you. How does five free Pro drafts sound? It sounds good, right?

Just follow the instructiones below to redeem your promo code and get a bit of a leg-up. Note that you may need to restart the game in order to redeem the rewards.

Unlock Sunshine Girl in Ironkill with this special 148Apps code

Posted by Rob Rich on January 29th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Robo-fighter Ironkill has been out on iOS and Android for a while now, but the roster's been missing a certain feminine touch.

Thankfully, developers Play Motion are ready to hook all 148Apps readers up with an exclusive code to unlock Sunshine Girl, the ladybot with attitude.

All you have to do to unlock Sunshine Girl is tap on the gift box icon on the left side of the menu screen, enter the code "148ROBOT", then hit "OK".

See Sunshine Girl in action in the special teaser below:

The code works for both iOS and Android versions of the game, but you only have until 10am EST on January 30 to redeem the code.

Enjoy your new fighter!

Two Lives Left Updates Coding App Codea, Adds iOS7 Support and More

Posted by Tre Lawrence on March 25th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Two Lives Left has updated Codea to version 2.0. The updated iteration brings in iOS stylings to the app; it now also features full 64-bit support, as well as more features that can be found in the extensive list below.


Codea now features a brand new unified asset system that supports sounds, music, images and more
• Music API for playing background music in popular formats
• Three fantastic new sound and music packs for you to use in your games — composed especially for Codea

Completely New Code Editor

• Intelligent autocomplete picks up all your variables, locals and nested types
• In-line errors show up live as you code
• Smart indentation and scope completion
• Most editor keys can be long-pressed for more options
• Support for multi-line comments
• Fix your code layout with the new Re-Indent feature

New Features

• Find and Replace: access via the search button on the keyboard
• Location API: access GPS data in Codea
• displayMode(OVERLAY): use this for a transparent sidebar in your projects
• Codea now uses double precision floating point
• Projects can be sorted by recently opened, or by name
• Z-level supported in setContext
• Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcut support (see Getting Started section for a full list)


• Codea has lost weight: Codea 2.0 is 23 MB, compared with 36 MB for the old version
• Air Code respects your editor theme choice (light or dark)
• Shader Lab can bind arrays, and will tell you about failed bindings
• Shader compilation errors are printed as warnings in your projects
• Dark keyboard style for dark theme


• Many, many fixes. Including the wrapped line issue in code editor

Codea is a unique code editor that allows user to create and tweak projects right on their OS devices. It incorporates several features to make the mobile experience enjoyable. It is available for $9.99 on the App Store.

Send Codes Via Morse Code With SpyLight

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 3rd, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be a spy. To this day I'm not entirely sure why but I loved spending my time trying to make secret ink out of lemon juice and attempting to memorize morse code. Yeah, I was a cool kid indeed. Clearly some part of that child is still within me as the prospect of SpyLight seems pretty cool to me.

It's an app that allows users to send and receive Morse Code. Tested up to 200 meters, users can simply type in their message with the keyboard and pressing send. It's just as simple to receive with the view finder part of the app that takes in the signal and translates.

For the true spy there's even a code button that jumbles up regular signals so that if intercepted it just comes up as random data. The correct receiver can set the app to the relevant code and still be able to translate it.

Wannabe spies like me could well enjoy this app and it's only $0.99, too! Make sure to get a friend to join in.

Barcodas Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jason Wadsworth on May 23rd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: NEAT TRICK
Barcodes will never seem the same after seeing them transformed into short melodies by this fun little app.
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Angry Birds Super Bowl Code Revealed

Posted by Blake Grundman on February 7th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
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With an Angry Birds sequel already announced, it seemed odd this week when another unexplained Angry Birds update hit the App Store.  There didn't seem to be any specific rhyme or reason for this to happen, unless of course if you believed what TheHollywoodReporter had to say.  In a supposed foreshadowing of Rovio's partnership with the upcoming film Rio, they were actually planning an interesting cross promotion of sorts, the likes of which both industries had never seen.
Rio promo will air during the fourth quarter of the showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, which airs on the Fox Broadcasting Network.

During the spot, viewers will be invited to find the frame with the code, which in turns directs them to a special level of Angry Birds, which has entered into a first-of-its kind partnership with Fox. The level will take Angry Birds players to a Rio sweepstakes.

Lucky for us, the internet is never at a loss for people with too much free time, much like the good folks over at AngryBirdsNest.  They managed to comb through the HD version of 20th Century Fox's trailer and found the one frame that contained the code "13-12."  You can see a freeze frame of the image at left, if you are so inclined.  But unfortunately, that is only half of the battle...

Along with the information of where the newly hidden egg is ever so slyly incognito, you must go through a very odd process in order to unlock this football shaped forbidden fruit.  Once again the internet has come to our aid and provided us with just the information we need, in the form of a youtube clip, detailing the entire odd process.

It is neat to see cross promotions like this getting love from the mainstream media, as well as the viral advertising market.  Honestly, I would have had no idea about this promotion had our own Carter Dotson not mentioned it to me on twitter during the game.  Regardless, this shows the tremendous strides that iOS gaming has made in public acceptance.  It will be exciting to see what the future holds for the industry.

Now get out there and take a kick at finding that golden football... you should have all the information that you need to split the sticks.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Bonnie Eisenman on March 19th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: RECOMMENDED
Drop7 is a minimalistic game that describes itself as a blend of "Tetris and Sudoku." Combining falling discs with basic counting, Drop7 is surprisingly challenging and is definitely worth a look.
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KERN - The Final Font Tier

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Christine Morris on February 17th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarstar :: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
This is a minimalists dream game. You are tested on how precisely you can align a missing letter within a falling word - trying to avoid any slight deviation of placement. This is a very niche game targeting graphic designers, typography lovers and creat
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HTML Colors

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jeff Scott on October 30th, 2008
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: ABOVE AVERAGE
HTML Colors is a color reference for HTML jockeys
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