Catalyst Black - Modes Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 21st, 2020

We are still playing match after match of Catalyst Black during this early access "Secret Service" window to absorb every little thing we can about the game and share it with you. For this entry in our series, we're going to be talking about game modes, including some tips and tricks to play these modes effectively. Read on below, and make sure to check back in on our Catalyst Black guide list for new updates so you don't miss a thing!

In its current form, Catalyst Black has three game modes, each of which are team-oriented and objective-based. The key to winning any of these modes is to work well with your fellow team mates, as opposed to simply being good at mowing down opponents (though that helps).

The game modes currently in Catalyst Black are as follows:

  • Capture the Flag - Capture the Flag is exactly what it sounds like. Two teams have bases on either side of a map with flags stationed in them. Your team's goal is to make your way over to the enemy base and take their flag over to your base to score a point while they're trying to doing the same. In conventional fashion, teams can only deliver the enemy flag and score if their own flag is secure at home base. The first team to score five captures wins the match.
  • Flag Hunter - If you've ever played Brawl Stars, Flag Hunter is basically the Gem Grab mode. It's a game type where players must capture and hold onto flags for their team while preventing the other team from doing so. Once a team has players carrying 10 or more flags, a countdown timer starts, and said team wins if they can manage to keep ahold of their flags until that timer reaches zero. At the start of Flag Hunter matches, each team has a base with three flags, but flagbearing creatures spawn across the map for teams to slay and skirmish around over the course of the match.
  • Core Rush - Finally, Core Rush is a modified take on King of the Hill. In each round, NPC creatures known as "Keepers" spawn at different points on the map, and your team needs to slay them and capture cores by keeping control of the spot where they died for a short period of time. The first team to capture 20 cores wins.

Capture the Flag Tips:

  • Equip speedy gear! Capture the Flag is all about being sneaky, zipping past opponents, or otherwise faking them out. If you have gear that gives you more traversal options or increased move speed, you can be a huge asset to your team.
  • Save your mask for defense. You can't activate your mask and go on a rampage while you're holding a flag, so save this power when you might need to make a defensive play.
  • Help out the flagbearers. If someone on your team takes the enemy flag, you should consider following alongside them for protection. They might even pass the flag off to you to trick the opposing team.

Flag Hunter Tips:

  • Steal base flags! Each team starts with three flags, but they aren't assigned to any players. An easy way to get a quick leg up on the enemy team is to sneak into their base and steal their three starting flags.
  • You don't have to kill creatures to get the flags. If there is a contested area fighting for flag drops, it might be more advantageous to let your opponents fight the creatures for you. Afterward, they may be damaged and distracted with escape, allowing you to swoop in for an easy steal.
  • Know when to retreat. If you amass a good number of flags for your team, your job should change from fighting to fleeing and playing defense. Go to odd areas of the map, hang out at your base, and pick off any individual enemies that chase you. You're just risking a huge swing in score if you stay on the front lines with a ton of flags in tow.

Core Rush Tips:

  • Prioritize Alpha Keepers. Normal Keepers in this mode grant your team one core, but Alpha Keepers give you five. Make sure you don't give up those huge bumps in cores to the enemy, even if it means sacrificing a point or two.
  • Don't gather in capture points. Core capture points need players standing in them to capture cores for your team, but you want to avoid having too many players gather there. A heavy mortar or a leap attack from an opposing player might take you all out and give them the easy score. If you want to help capture a point, let one or two players stand in the zone and hang out on the perimeter to pick off enemies as they approach.
  • Reposition Keepers to get an advantage. Keepers spawn in specific positions, but they can move around the map as they try to stay in attack range of you. To get an edge on some core fights, you can even try shepherding a Keeper to bring it closer to your team's spawn point.

General Tips:

  • Play to win. It's fun to rack up kills in Catalyst Black, but that's all for nothing if you and no one else on your team is trying to complete objectives. Try to focus on getting that W instead of some impressive stats. Your team mates will thank you for it.
  • Kill those NPCs! Regardless of any match you're in, there are AI-controlled creatures that spawn and can attack you. You could just ignore them, but you really shouldn't. These creatures can drop heavy weapon ammo or powerups that reduce your mask cooldown, both of which can keep you in prime fighting form across a match.
  • Wait for the right moment. You don't always need to be diving into the action. That can actually be a good way to die a lot. Make sure you stick with your teammates and don't take on groups of enemies just because they're there. Bide your time. Use the bushes to literally hide yourself if you have to, and strike at the right moment to make sure you score kills, stay alive, and help your team.

If new modes get added to Catalyst Black, we'll be sure to keep this post updated, but that's all for now. Be sure to drop us a comment if we left anything out or you have other questions!

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